1. Ways to score Apple TV Plus for free on Cyber Monday 2. How to snag Apple TV Plus without paying on Cyber Monday 3. Ways to access Apple TV Plus for free this Cyber Monday 4. Get Apple TV Plus without spending a dime on Cyber Monday 5. Simple ways to stream Apple TV Plus for free on Cyber Monday 6. How to watch Apple TV Plus at no cost this Cyber Monday 7. Ways to get Apple TV Plus without paying on Cyber Monday 8. Score Apple TV Plus for free on Cyber Monday

Cupertino, November 29, 2023

Apple TV Plus is now in its fourth year and stronger than ever. It has a potent lineup of excellent shows and movies, including some upcoming belters such as Napoleon, as well as smash-hit Killers of the Flower Moon, and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. With so much new content on the platform, it might not come as a surprise to learn that Apple recently raised the price of Apple TV Plus to $9.99 a month. While that’s still pretty good value, there are ways you can get Apple TV Plus for free, so you can at least give it a whirl before taking the plunge and paying for the service.

With lots of discounts on Apple products for Cyber Monday already, there are some avenues that are still open for a cheeky wee Apple TV Plus free trial — here are all the ones we’ve found so far.

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1. Apple’s free trial

You can still get an Apple TV Plus free trial directly from Apple by signing up on its website. There’s a “Try it Free” button that lets you sign up for one week of free access before the paid subscription kicks in. This is perfect for true first-timers or anyone who has one show in mind that they want to binge-watch without making a commitment.

2. Apple One free trial

Apple also offers a free trial of its Apple One bundle. As well as Apple Arcade, iCloud Plus, and Apple News Plus, this also bundles in Apple TV Plus. As this trial lasts for a month, you can take advantage of all the subscriptions that Apple currently offers, to see if any appeal to you once the trial ends.

3. Get a free trial with any Apple product

A great way to get an Apple TV Plus free trial is to simply buy an Apple product. This might not be the full one-year Apple trial that used to offer, but it’s still a useful method to binge-watch plenty of shows and movies to see if Apple TV Plus is for you. That also means that purchasing any of the best Cyber Monday iPad deals, or deals on MacBooks, iPhones, and beyond will net you the 90-day trial too.

4. Shop at Best Buy

If you buy anything at Best Buy right now, you can simply add a free Apple TV Plus 3-month trial to your basket. The offer is good for both new and “qualified” returning subscribers, although Best Buy doesn’t specify what entails the latter, so it might be a case of adding it and trying it out if you aren’t sure.

5. T-Mobile’s iPhone plans

One of the best Cyber Monday iPhone deals we’ve seen over the Cyber Monday sales so far is a free iPhone at T-Mobile on its Go5G Plus and Go5G Next plans. Both of these also come with free Apple TV Plus for the duration of your plan.

6. Use Sprint’s MAX plan

If you’re a Sprint MAX customer, you can get 12 months of Apple TV Plus absolutely free. This has been available since August and is available to both new and existing customers and can be redeemed via the T-Mobile website (Sprint is owned by T-Mobile), all you have to do is enter your phone number to get the deal.

7. Are you a student? Buy Apple Music

If you’re a student, you can get Apple Music for $6 a month for up to 48 months, so long as you’re enrolled in a “degree-granting university or college,” as Apple puts it. If you do, you’ll also get Apple TV Plus for the duration of your subscription, that’s two services for the price of one!

8. Buy a Roku

If you pick up a Roku streaming device in the Cyber Monday sale, you can get three months of free Apple TV Plus until December 3. This one is only available to new subscribers and will automatically renew at the standard $9.99 rate once it has run out.

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