2023's Top HomeKit Gear: A Practical Selection

Cupertino, August 3, 2023

This year, we had the opportunity to try out all the new smart home products that are compatible with Apple HomeKit. We explored a range of items, including smart lights and wall-mounted controllers. All the products we are showcasing here seamlessly integrate with Apple Home, whether through HomeKit, Matter, or Siri Shortcuts. Make sure to check out our comprehensive round-up of the best Apple accessories at CES and the Find My gear that we have tested.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra:
The highly popular Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has been replaced by a brand new model this year. Introducing the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, the successor to the S7 MaxV Ultra with several notable enhancements. The vacuum cleaner now features two rollers at the bottom, aiding in the disposal of debris into the dustbin. Roborock has also upgraded the suction power to 6,000 Pa, and the rollers are now capable of mopping as well. In mopping mode, there is a second scrubbing motor, doubling the oscillating pattern for superior floor cleaning. According to Roborock, they have also made improvements to the sensors and processing, making the S8 Pro Ultra smarter and more reliable than its predecessor. This model still comes with an empty-wash-fill station, now with a sleek new design that covers the front with a single piece of plastic. The station, as with the S7 MaxV Ultra, empties the dustbin, cleans the mop, drains dirty water, and refills the bot with fresh water. The new addition is the inclusion of hot air that blows on the mop, effectively drying it and preventing bacterial growth and odors. While HomeKit technically doesn't support vacuum cleaners, this device can be integrated into HomeKit scenes using Siri Shortcuts.

Nanoleaf showcased an impressive range of products at CES for HomeKit users. The long-awaited Sense+ lineup of smart learning switches is finally launching, utilizing Matter technology. These switches learn from user activity and gradually take control of your room's lighting based on personalized preferences. Nanoleaf will offer switches, dimmers, and a learning hub, with certain lighting products from the company also acting as hubs. Additionally, Nanoleaf introduced its Skylight lamps, which are ceiling-mounted tiles that can be arranged in different shapes and patterns and support millions of colors.

At CES, we got an up-close look at Twinkly's new light panels, along with its mirroring software. In a demonstration, a PC fed game footage that played on a wall composed of Twinkly tiles, albeit with some graininess. Apple Home enables the control of lights, including turning them on and off, adjusting brightness, and changing colors.

With the launch of Matter, Yeelight was among the companies that announced new products. We now have our first glimpse of Yeelight's new Matter-enabled lighting cubes. These cubes come in three different configurations: a solid gradient block, small round dots, or a mini spot. They can be magnetically connected to create a custom arrangement. Yeelight's app allows users to create various lighting effects, such as a music visualizer or displaying the time.

Govee showcased its AI-powered HDMI sync box, which garnered significant attention. However, it currently lacks support for HomeKit or Matter. The AI capabilities of the sync box allow the lights to react to in-game actions, such as defeating a boss. In the HomeKit space, Govee's M1 light strip is certified to work with Matter, making it the first Govee product compatible with the Home app.

SwitchBot Hub 2:
SwitchBot has introduced Matter compatibility to its Hub 2, providing native support for the Home app for the first time. The new hub also integrates the company's other products into HomeKit, as demonstrated with the SwitchBot door lock and curtain controller, which can now be displayed and controlled through the Home app. This is particularly beneficial for users who have previously purchased these SwitchBot products.

Eve has announced that Eve Motion, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Energy will receive a standard Matter upgrade by the end of Q1 2023. This firmware upgrade will allow these devices to seamlessly integrate with Matter. Additionally, the company has introduced new options for HomeKit-controlled Venetian and honeycomb shades, along with a retrofit option for existing blinds. All MotionBlinds products are Thread enabled and promised to support Matter in the future.

GE Cync:
GE's Cync line traditionally did not support Apple Home, but with the introduction of Matter, this is about to change. GE has announced that its existing A19 bulb and smart plug will be upgraded to support Matter, allowing for integration within the Home app.

Lutron unveiled several new color options for its Claro switches, which are now available in black, light almond, ivory, brown, and gray in addition to white. Additionally, Lutron introduced a new Claro accessory switch, providing an additional control point in a room without increasing the accessory limit imposed by Lutron's bridge.

Mui Board 2:
The second-generation Mui board boasts Matter support as its most significant addition. As a Matter controller, it can interact with various Matter accessories throughout your home. During a demo showcasing Matter support, we were able to tap the wood surface to trigger interactions. For example, tapping the window displayed the outside temperature and humidity, while tapping the bulb allowed for control over the room's lighting. Any device that receives an updated Matter integration will have the potential to interact with the Mui board 2.

Yale Smart Safe:
Released shortly after CES, the Yale Smart Safe provides three different options for access: HomeKit, a keyboard, or a physical key. We had the opportunity to test this safe in our own home and found it to be a reliable solution for safeguarding small items or documents. Unlocking through the Home app is quick and easy, and with a Home Hub, remote access is possible without the need for the Yale Connect bridge. The Yale Smart Safe is now available for purchase on Amazon for $200.

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