2023's Top Picks for Battery-Powered Smart Video Doorbells: A Comprehensive List

Cupertino, August 23, 2023

Buying a smart video doorbell in 2023 is a wise choice. Here are some top battery-operated doorbells that can give your front door the upgrade it needs. Upgrade to one of these battery-powered smart video doorbells and use your phone to keep an eye on your front door through a video feed. While traditional doorbells still work well, once you experience a smart doorbell in action, you'll be eager to purchase one. The convenience of being able to see who's at your door from your phone, tablet, or smart display is so amazing that going back to a regular doorbell is out of the question. One major advantage is that when you're away from home and someone rings the doorbell, you receive a notification on your phone and can communicate with them in real-time through the power of the internet. Can your regular doorbell do that? No, and it never will. However, there is one problem – there are too many smart doorbells to choose from. It can be overwhelming, and you might end up buying the wrong one if you don't do your research. Luckily, we have narrowed down the options for you. We've selected easy-to-install doorbell options that require minimal effort to get started. These doorbells don't require any tinkering with existing wiring, as they all run on batteries. All you need to do is take the doorbell out of the box, connect it to Wi-Fi, and either stick it on your front door or screw it into place, depending on your preference.

Let's take a look at some of the top choices:

1. Ring Video Doorbell: When you think of a smart video doorbell, Ring is likely the first brand that comes to mind. This doorbell has been a fan favorite since it started the trend. It offers everything you need in one package. Installation is a breeze with two options - you can either use the battery or connect it to existing doorbell wiring for continuous power. Setting it up is simple – just use the Ring app to connect it to your home's Wi-Fi network and follow the app's instructions for installing the chime. The app even installs any necessary updates. Now your doorbell is ready to use. When someone rings the doorbell, you'll immediately receive a notification on your phone, and the included bell will also sound. You can view a live video feed, have a conversation with the person at the door, and receive motion alerts if someone approaches and walks away. The video feed is high-quality 1080p, and the doorbell is compatible with Alexa. With the Ring Protect plan, you can store and access recorded videos in the cloud for up to 180 days. Priced at just $134.99, this doorbell is a popular choice that won't disappoint.

2. Google Nest Doorbell (Battery): If you're heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, the Nest Doorbell with battery is the perfect choice for you. Like Ring, it's simple to set up and use. Using the Google Home app, connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi and you're good to go. You can also choose to connect it to your existing doorbell wires. With the Google Home app, you'll have a direct view of your front door and access to 3 hours of video history. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can extend this to 60 days. The Nest Doorbell has built-in storage, so even if your Wi-Fi goes down, you can still save up to 1 hour of video. The video quality is 720p, and the wide field of view ensures you won't miss any important details. You can answer the doorbell from anywhere, have two-way conversations, and even use pre-recorded messages. It's a complete doorbell experience that integrates seamlessly with other Google devices. If you have a Nest Hub display, you can use it to answer the doorbell and view who's at the door. Priced at $179.99, it's a bit more expensive but worth it if you're building a Google hardware ecosystem.

3. Aqara Video Doorbell G4: For Apple enthusiasts, the Aqara Video Doorbell G4 is a great choice. It offers support for multiple ecosystems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and most importantly, HomeKit. With HomeKit Secure Video, your doorbell's videos are securely stored in the cloud without using up your iCloud+ storage. The doorbell provides high-quality 1080p video recording with a wide 162-degree field of view. You have the option to use microSD or your existing NAS setup for video storage, ensuring privacy as everything stays in your home. It comes with a chime that is impressively loud at 95dB. You can also use a smart display or smart speaker as a bell, or even use your HomePod speaker. Powering the doorbell with 6 AA batteries will last up to 4 months, but you can also connect it to your existing installation for unlimited battery life. Priced at $129.99, it offers robust HomeKit support along with support for other major smart home platforms.

4. AOSU Video Doorbell: If you're looking for an affordable option, the AOSU Video Doorbell is a great choice at just $99.99. It comes with a bell and offers 1080p video recording. It supports various ecosystems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and more. However, the standout feature is its compatibility with HomeKit. With HomeKit support, you can benefit from HomeKit Secure Video and store all your videos in the cloud without using up your iCloud+ storage. The wide field of view ensures you won't miss any crucial details, and you have the option to use microSD or your existing NAS setup for video storage. You also have the choice to power the doorbell with 6 AA batteries or connect it to your existing installation.

It's essential to choose a smart video doorbell that suits your needs and integrates well with your other smart home devices. These options provide convenience, security, and easy installation, making them excellent choices for upgrading your front door in 2023.

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