6 best offers for HomeKit security camera for Prime Day

Cupertino, October 14, 2020

HomeKit security cameras are a critical part of the HomeKit ecosystem, but as we all know, they can be expensive. Fortunately, Prime Day brings here some great deals for all sorts of HomeKit options. Whether you want a wireless, wired, motorized, stationary, indoor or outdoor, there are deals to be found everywhere. Here are some of my favorites that play nicely with HomeKit, Siri and the Home app.

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6 best offers for HomeKit security camera for Prime Day

Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt is one of my favorite HomeKit cameras because it includes an integrated motor that allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees and tilt up and down. In my recent review, I was impressed with the 2K high definition video and how it can store images on a local microSD card, in the eufy Security Cloud or the Apple HomeKit Secure Video service. Be sure to cut out the coupon to get this room at an incredible price.

$ 47 on Amazon

6 best offers for HomeKit security camera for Prime Day

The two-camera Arlo's Pro 3 system has one of the most significant price drops for Prime Day, dropping by as much as $ 200 from the regular price, eliminating one of the biggest obstacles I've seen in my review. This two-camera wireless system works both indoors and outdoors, with long-lasting rechargeable batteries for each room and the Arlo critical base station in the box. Other essentials include an integrated siren, spotlights and 2K video with HDR.

$ 300 on Amazon

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Eve Room is the HomeKit room for those who appreciate privacy over fancy features. Eve Camera does not require a separate application or account registration, but only works immediately out of the box through the iOS Home application and only records videos on iCloud. You have no visible spots or jumps when you see a lot of movement.

$ 130 on Amazon

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Another favorite of mine, the eufy Security 2K indoor camera, is the cheapest option for a HomeKit Secure camcorder on Prime Day - it's available for less than $ 40! I like the way this camera still has an impressive 2K high definition resolution, which I declared to be above its price in my review and the way it includes two-way audio and clear night vision.

$ 35 on Amazon

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Like Eve Cam, ONVIS C3 pairs in minutes with HomeKit without an account or app to download and supports HomeKit Secure Video. Although I didn't care much about the look of the camera in my review, I like how fast the live view of the camera loads through the Home app, as it supports local recordings via microSD.

$ 72 on Amazon

1602713355 66 6 best offers for HomeKit security camera for Prime Day

Pro3 Pro3 from Arlo combines the beautiful 2K image of the basic Pro 3 wireless camera with an incredibly powerful LED projector. While testing the Pro3 Floodlight for review, I was amazed at how bright this camera can get, as it managed to reach a maximum of 3,000 lumens. The projector not only illuminates the surrounding area; adds color night vision capabilities.

$ 200 on Amazon

Accessible security

HomeKit cameras are a great way to add more security to your home, and with today's Prime Day deals, you can pick them up at some of the lowest prices I've ever seen. For even more HomeKit savings, be sure to check out the other Prime Day deals.

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