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Abode’s versatile smart outdoor camera is now available for pre-order

Abode's versatile smart outdoor camera is now available for pre-order

Abode announced on Wednesday that the company’s smart outdoor camera is now available for pre-orders. First introduced earlier this year at CES 2020, the smart outdoor camera is a versatile security solution that can also work as a video ringtone.

Modular in design, the new Smart Smart outdoor camera can be implemented using included mounts to optimize installation flexibility and provide advanced video coverage. The new camcorder has a PIR motion sensor that allows it to detect the person, an IR LED for low light vision, a built-in microphone for two-way communications, a light sensor and a wide-angle lens capable of delivering a 1920 x 1080p video on a 152 ° field of view. With an IP65 degree of weather resistance, the smart outdoor camera can withstand a wide range of outdoor temperatures and environmental conditions.

Abode’s smart outdoor camera offers 1080p high-definition video, PIR motion detection and a 152-degree wide field of view. The camera works indoors and outdoors, with a degree of weather resistance IP65 and a set of supports included allows placement on the wall, table or even as a bell without buttons. The camera works on a 5V USB adapter and, when installed as a ringtone, can use existing 8-24V cabling.

The smart outdoor camera also offers flexible connectivity options, as it works with Abode or stand-alone Wi-Fi security systems. Smart features include CUE automation with other Abode accessories, facial recognition, and support for Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant. Support for the Apple HomeKit is also underway, with Abode saying the smart outdoor camera is awaiting certification.

“The highlight of the launch of the outdoor smart camera and major video performance updates on all the best-in-class accommodations is a milestone,” said Chris Carney, CEO and founder of the home. “We now offer customers even more options to best secure their home.”

With the launch, Abode also announced a number of upgrades that will bring performance improvements to its existing cameras. Available as a firmware update via the Abode app and delivered with the latest outdoor smart camera, users will see reduced latency, faster launch times and improved video quality.

The Abode Smart Outdoor Camera is available for pre-order now at a special introductory price of $ 159. The camera will start delivering in early November, and after launch, the camera will be sold for $ 199.

Flexible security

Abode’s versatile smart outdoor camera is now available for pre-order

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Smart camera and all-in-one ringtone

Abode’s versatile camera offers 1080p high definition image quality, two-way sound and IP65 weather resistance. An included set of brackets allows it to function as a standard camera or even as a bell.