Access Apple TV to monitor HomeKit security notifications

Cupertino, August 23, 2023

The Apple Home app effectively provides updates on the status of our smart homes through our iPhones and iPads. However, when we're engrossed in binge-watching our favorite shows or catching up on the latest movie releases, how do we stay informed? Thankfully, if you have an Apple TV streaming box, you can receive HomeKit notifications right on the big screen, allowing you to prepare for your next movie night while staying updated. In this article, we'll guide you on how to enable notifications for your security accessories on Apple TV.

To begin, there are certain requirements you need to meet before controlling your smart home via Apple TV. Firstly, ensure that your Apple TV is running the latest software version of tvOS. Additionally, you need to add a compatible smart home product to Apple HomeKit if you haven't done so already.

Although you can control any HomeKit or Matter smart home accessory through Apple TV by creating scenes in the Apple Home app, notifications on the big screen are currently limited to smart security accessories. Compatible devices encompass smart door locks, garage door openers, home security alarms, cameras, and video doorbells. Unfortunately, other security devices like motion detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide monitors, water leak sensors, and door/window sensors are not yet supported.

Once you fulfill these requirements, you can proceed to enable notifications. By default, Apple TV displays notifications for all your HomeKit security accessories once you add them to the Home app. However, you can deactivate specific notifications if desired. To do this, access the Settings app on your Apple TV. Click the Settings icon followed by AirPlay and HomeKit. Scroll down and select Security Accessories. Using the touchpad, navigate to the desired accessory and click on it to change the notification setting. To save your changes, press the Back or Home button on your Siri Remote.

Similar to security accessory notifications, the Apple TV allows anyone in your home to control your smart devices with the Siri Remote through the Control Center by default. If you're concerned about unauthorized access, you can modify this setting in the Settings app. To do so, click on Settings on your home screen, followed by AirPlay and HomeKit. Select Security Accessories and then Control. Here, you'll find three options for controlling your HomeKit accessories: Don't Allow, Allow with Apple TV Remotes, or Allow with All Remotes. Choose the option that aligns with your preference.

With HomeKit notifications enabled for your door locks, garage doors, or cameras, you will always stay informed about the status of your smart home. Additionally, you can view your HomeKit cameras and doorbells on the big screen, offering added peace of mind. This feature comes in handy when you're not occupied with Netflix or Apple TV+ binge-watching sessions.

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