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Amazon is refreshing the Blink Camera line with a new look, keeping the battery for 2 years

Amazon is refreshing the Blink Camera line with a new look, keeping the battery for 2 years

Amazon today announced a couple of updates to its Blink Security camera range, offering the popular wireless cameras a change, while maintaining an extra long battery life. Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras, available today for pre-orders, offer users an easy way to monitor their homes with a simple wireless connection and easy-to-replace batteries.

“For Blink, providing peace of mind and exciting new products for our customers is everything,” said Mike Harris, Blink’s CEO. “While Blink’s outdoor and indoor cameras include many of the innovative features our customers have come to love and expect – such as a powerful two-year battery life – we now offer more options and customizations than ever before. . From new features like privacy zones to a new battery expansion package that offers up to two extra years of battery power, we are excited to deliver our new cameras to our customers. “

Refreshed Blink cameras have all the smart security staples, including 1080p high-definition video with a 110-degree field of view, two-way audio, motion detection and infrared night vision. The latest wireless cameras are powered by two AA lithium batteries, which last up to two years, and can be wall mounted with the included hardware.

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The latest cameras connect to an included sync module, which connects them to your home Wi-Fi networks and allows both cloud storage and local storage options. The Blink Amazon cloud subscription plan starts at $ 3 per month for each room, and for those with multiple rooms at home, a $ 10 level is available that offers storage for an unlimited number of rooms. Amazon includes a free trial period of its cloud subscription plan, with the purchase of new cameras running until December 31 this year.

Once connected to the Blink Home Monitor app, room owners can set up motion alerts, privacy zones and access a live view on demand. Both cameras are compatible with Alexa from Amazon, which offers a hands-free way to display a live view, recorded videos and even arming the cameras through devices such as the Echo Show.

Blink indoor and outdoor rooms are available today for pre-order, starting at $ 79.99. The cameras will be released later this month, with Amazon currently showing September 16 as the target date.

Along with the new cameras, Amazon has also announced a new battery expansion package that promises to double battery life. The expansion package allows owners to install two additional AA batteries, allowing wireless cameras to switch up to four years between “normal use” swaps.

Amazon is refreshing the Blink Camera line with a new look, keeping the battery for 2 years

Source: Amazon

The new Blink battery expansion pack allows cameras to run on four AA lithium batteries instead of two – doubling the camera’s battery life to a total of four years with normal use. While Blink cameras already have a strong two-year battery life thanks to Blink’s own chip technology, the new battery expansion pack is particularly compelling for customers with cameras located in high-traffic or hard-to-reach areas who want to comfort and flexibility a wireless solution – without the difficulty of frequently replacing batteries.

Unlike the upgraded cameras, the battery expansion pack did not get a specific launch time other than “later this year”. The battery pack is currently listed on Amazon for $ 29.99, and those interested can sign up to receive an email notification when it launches.

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