Apple Cyber Monday Deals: Last Chance for Discounts on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and more

Cupertino, December 6, 2023


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iMore here reporting live to bring you all the best deals throughout the weekend and Cyber Monday.

We'll be covering all the best Apple deals from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods and everything else in between.

Stay tuned for the best deals in the world of Apple!


Apple Watch Ultra 2 with $60 off!


We love the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at iMore — and even more now, due to a sweet $60 off at Amazon. This means you can buy one for $739, down from $799, and take advantage of its Action button, incredible battery life, watchOS 10, and more.


Looking for a HomePod?

(Stephen Warwick)

HomePods are rarely reduced, but there are a few small discounts on Best Buy for the HomePod 2 and the HomePod mini.

You can save $15 on the larger HomePod and a smaller $5 discount on the mini. Yes, they aren't the most groundbreaking deals we've ever seen, but when a product is so rarely reduced, every little bit helps.


Want to start your own podcast? Here are our favorite deals to give you a head start.


Do you want to start your own podcast? iMore show host Daryl Baxter, has shared his favorite podcast tech, and it's all on sale for Cyber Monday.

Whether you're looking for a new microphone, dock, or even a MacBook, Daryl has picked out his favorite deals to help kickstart your podcast and get recording in no time!


The Mac deal to beat!


It's John-Anthony, iMore's How To Editor here (sorry for not introducing myself earlier). I love my M2 Mac mini, I have the base model, and it's one of the best tech products I've ever bought.

The insane $499 deal on the M2 is still live on Amazon for Cyber Monday, and I'm willing to go out on a whim and say that this is the best Mac deal you'll find this weekend.


Save on an exercise bike for Apple Fitness Plus

If you use Apple Fitness Plus or you're thinking about making the leap, a good exercise bike can go a long way to opening up some great workouts. This JOROTO X2 is our top pick and currently $100 off at Amazon.


Almost half-price discounts on home security

If you want a great security camera that will work with your iPhone, this eufyCam 2C Pro is a fantastic starter option. With two cameras and a base station, it works with HomeKit and features weather resistance and an integrated spotlight. Now nearly half price at $159 instead of $319.


Nab a freebie!


You don't have to break the bank to get a great bargain over the Cyber deals weekender — particularly if you're looking to taste-test a new service rather than buying a new device. Case in point: it's super easy to get months of Apple TV Plus show and movie streaming absolutely free. Check out all the ways at the link below: 8 ways to get Apple TV Plus for free on Cyber Monday


The best iPhone 15 deal of the weekend?


We've been scouring the web for great iPhone deals all month, and it's been a surprisingly good Black Friday / Cyber Monday for bargain offers on Apple's handsets.

But this one's going to be heard to beat — if you pick up an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro with an AT&T or Verizon contract at Walmart, it'll throw in a $300 eGift card to spend in store. So if you're getting an iPhone anyway, and have your eye on $300 worth of other stuff in-store, it's an absolutely killer deal.


An M3 iMac alternative

Earlier this week I posited that buying a DIY Mac desktop was better value for money than an M3 iMac. All of those deals are still live and you can still build a phenomenal desktop setup for plenty less than an M3 iMac.


Editor's choice deal... literally!


Here's an 'Editor's Choice' deal we can 100% confirm is a legitimate banger — because our editor literally lives by it. Gerald uses the CalDigit TS4 Thunderbolt dock every day of the working week when putting together iMore, and it's got a fantastic Cyber Monday price cut of $130 right now. That brings the price down from a pricey $449 to a tempting $319.96. It's got every port a Mac user could want, and comes wholeheartedly recommend from Gerald.


A good read... without any of the reading


If you can't face staring at another screen, but don't have a book to hand for nice relaxing reading session, Amazon's Audible remains the best option out there when it comes to audiobooks. It's got a great library, and its subscription-credits-and-top-up payment system means you'll always have something to listen to. If you move quick enough, you can make a big saving on that subscription too.

Normally, you'd pay $15 a month for this service, but right now you can get four months of the premium service for less than $6 a month.

Streaming and entertainment deals


This looks familiar...

If you long for the simple days of the iPod, and still yearn for that click-wheel experience, this knock-off MP3 player takes a lot of inspiration from Apple's world-beating pocket jukebox.

A LOT of inspiration.

It's now on sale for $47 and... has surprisingly good reviews! Just don't go expecting an iPhone experience and you might be pleasantly surprised.



An AirTag deal you won't have to look too hard to find...

because we've done the searching for you! Reduced down from $30 to just $23, that might not sound like a big saving, but adds up if you're grabbing a whole bunch. And if you're after just one or two AirTags, this is definitely the time to strike — they're usually only discounted in bundles.



Apple's tempting Gift Card offers

Apple itself doesn't discount its products during sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday — it'd sully that premium brand, so leaves third-party retailers to slash the prices instead. But it's no idiot, and knows it needs to lure people to its own stores too and cut out that middle man. So instead, it looks to tempt customers in by throwing in gift cards with full-price purchase sales at this time of year.

And it's no different for 2023 — take a look at what it's offering below:



An old faithful returns — at its lowest ever price!

It's just celebrated its third birthday, but it's still going strong — the M1 MacBook Air remains the cheap-and-cheerful workhorse of the Apple MacBook line up, and has hit its lowest ever price this weekend. Knock 25% off its usual $999 asking price with this $749 deal at Amazon. It's still a great machine thanks to its first-generation Apple silicon, and we've still got a soft spot for its super-portable wedge-shaped design.


Good morning! John-Anthony here, up bright and early to cover all your Cyber Monday needs and wants.

We're expecting to see even more incredible deals pop up over today and tomorrow, so bookmark this live blog and stay tuned!


Don't buy the wrong Apple Pencil!


The new USB-C Apple Pencil is on sale with a 10% discount, and while it's tempting to buy a newly released product for less, you shouldn't.

Anyone contemplating the USB-C Apple Pencil should opt for the Apple Pencil 2, which is currently $40 off at Amazon: it's better in nearly every way, including pressure sensitivity and magnetic charging.

Only iPad 10th generation users should even think about picking up the USB-C Pencil for $71 this Cyber Monday.


Three heart rate monitors walk into a bar...


Looking for a heart rate monitor for Apple Fitness Plus? Would you rather wear a watch, a ring, or a wristband for your workout?

We've looked for the best heart rate monitor deals around, so whether you're looking for an Apple Watch, a Whoop wristband, or an Oura Ring, here are all the discounts you need.


Type on the go


Have you purchased an iPad over Black Friday and are now looking for the best accessories to make your iPad setup as good as it can be?

We've found the…


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