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Cupertino, September 20, 2023

A truly welcoming experience. Categories like Lighting, Security, and Climate are at the top of the Home tab, giving you instant access to accessories and their status. Color-coordinated icons help you find the accessories you're looking for. View up to four cameras simultaneously to quickly check that each room looks the same as you left it. Rooms and favorite accessories are grouped together on the Home tab, making it easy to view and control your smart devices. All your accessories in one app? Smart. The Home app is already compatible with and helps control a wide range of smart home accessories, with more being added every day. And setting up a smart home accessory is simple and safe. Scan the accessory to pair it with the Home app. Learn how to set up HomePod, HomePod mini, and Apple TV.

The keys to even more control. The Home app can do even more using your HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV. Each can be set up as a smart home hub, giving you access to your home while you're away and automating all your home's smart accessories. They are also essential building blocks for Matter: the smart home industry standard that is compatible with more accessories and even connects them across platforms.

Lock Doors Before Bed Automate the locking of all the doors in your home. View live cameras Get notified when someone is at the door while you're working at your desk. Turn on the lights at sunset Set an automation to activate the lights at a specific time. Close your blinds and curtains Set your blinds to close automatically when you leave your house. Turn on the heating before you get home. Heat your home remotely before returning from vacation. Start your coffee maker Ask Siri for a fresh pot of coffee via a smart plug while you go for a morning run. Start by watering the front yard. Start, stop, or skip watering based on the weather forecast. Ask Siri to close the garage door. Forgot to close your garage? Shut it down remotely with Siri. Turn on the lights downstairs Use a motion sensor to turn on the lights when you go to the kitchen. Start a fan Automatically turn on a fan when the temperature rises.

Your information is private property. Privacy at home is more important than ever. That's why your Home app data is stored so that Apple can't read it. Your accessories are managed by your Apple devices instead of the cloud, and communications are encrypted end-to-end. So only you and the people you choose have access to your data.

Homeschool. Plan cleaner energy use with Grid Forecast Set up your HomePod or Apple TV as a home hub Create automations with the Home app Watch the comings and goings and more with Activity History Privately monitor your home activities with HomeKit Secure Video Share control of your home.

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