Apple introduces new iCloud+ plans with storage options of 6 TB and 12 TB

Cupertino, September 18, 2023

Apple has launched two new iCloud+ plans that were announced at last week's iPhone event. The 6TB and 12TB ‌iCloud‌+ plans can now be purchased through the ‌iCloud‌+ interface as higher-level options, alongside the existing 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage plans. The 6TB plan costs $29.99 per month, while the 12TB plan costs $59.99 per month. Apple recommends the 6TB plan for photographers and content creators, while the 12TB plan is aimed at "advanced users." These new plans can be shared among family members when using Family Sharing. ‌iCloud‌+ offers various benefits, including Private Relay for private browsing in Safari, Hide My Email for generating single-use email addresses for websites, HomeKit Secure Video for storing footage from HomeKit cameras, and support for custom email domains that can be used with an ‌iCloud‌ email address.

In other news, iOS 17, which was announced by Apple in June, will be launched today with ten new features for iPhones. After three months of beta testing, the free software update will be released on Monday, September 18 for iPhone XS and newer models. The top ten features of iOS 17 are summarized below, with more to come later this year.

Meanwhile, the battery capacities for the iPhone 15 series have been revealed through a Chinese regulatory database. According to the database, the iPhone 15 has a nominal capacity of 3,349 mAh and a wattage of 12.981 Wh, while the iPhone 15 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,274 mAh and a wattage of 12.70 Wh.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have begun, but shipping estimates for these devices in Apple's online store are already slipping to November for some configurations. Some pre-orders have already entered the "ready to ship" phase, and customers in the United States will soon be able to track their orders through the UPS My Choice feature.

Furthermore, the iPhone 15 models will feature a "fully standard" USB-C port without any restrictions on cables or accessories. Apple has chosen to limit the functionality of certain cables and accessories for previous iPhones with the Lightning connector that are not certified through "Made for iPhone."

Lastly, pre-orders for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are now available through the online store and the Apple Store app. Customers can pre-order these devices in over 40 countries and regions worldwide. The Apple Store app is recommended as the fastest way to place a pre-order.

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