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Apple leaks the name AirTags through a YouTube support video

Apple leaks the name AirTags through a YouTube support video

A reference to the highly anticipated, but still to be announced, AirTags was identified in a supporting video on Apple’s YouTube channel. First noticed by Appleosophy, the video, which has now been pulled, briefly shows an AirTags mention as you walk through steps detailing how to use Find features on a newer version of iOS.

During the video, an updated settings page is displayed for Find iPhone on iOS, which can now be found by accessing Apple ID> Find It> and then Finding My iPhone. In the Enable offline search option, you can find the following description:

Offline finding allows this device and AirTags to be found when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

The following Apple AirTags are the company’s takeover of tracking items, such as keys, similar to offers from competitors such as Tile. Tile recently testified that Apple has shown recent anti-competitive behavior, such as no longer selling the tracker in its stores and hiring an engineer, AirTags has undoubtedly put a new strain on the relationship.

Previous leaks have shown a panel of new items in the Find Me app, which shows users a map and an image of their objects, just like iOS devices. Also, rumors have indicated that the upcoming feature will bring sports notifications that will alert owners when a tag is away from their iOS device.

Given that the leaks date from last year and now, with the real product name being confirmed by Apple, AirTags may be just around the corner.