Apple's Earnings Report, AirTag 2 Unveiled, and Updates on Apple's AI Developments

Cupertino, August 4, 2023

Apple has beat expectations with its latest earnings - although only just - as we look to the future, there are predictions of AirTags 2 and disputes over an AppleGPT app.

AirTags: The Next Generation Could Be Coming

With its latest earnings report, Apple once again showed how smart it was to launch Services all those years ago. And it seems that even when we're always waiting for new Macs, iPads, and iPhones, there's an incessant number of high-profile Apple TV+ launches.

What is reportedly not there is an Apple version of ChatGPT. Tim Cook said on the earnings call that Apple has been researching AI for years and guest Wes Hilliard narrows that down to details. Plus, he and host William Gallagher discuss how smart Apple is with how it chooses whether or not to use marketing terms like "artificial intelligence."

Given that analysts were once again wrong in their forecasts of Apple's earnings, and given that two of them vehemently disagree about their prior knowledge of Apple's AI plans, we also discuss what analysts are good for. Plus how and why to connect your Nintendo Switch to an iPad, what the heck an AirTags 2 device could bring, and how South Koreans are buying Android phones en masse -- until they grow up.

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