Apple's iOS 16.4 update may have broken HomeKit

Cupertino, August 1, 2023

A large number of Apple HomeKit users have reported major problems with a number of key smart home functions following a recent iOS update that seems to have broken just about everything. Apple recently released iOS 16.4, which includes an all-new HomeKit architecture that has been reintroduced after a failed launch in December. Apple first released the new architecture to close out the year, but it was withdrawn after users discovered bugs that crippled their smart home systems. Unfortunately, it seems that some of those problems have not gone away. A large number of users on Apple's Community Support forums, as well as Twitter and Reddit, have reported issues. "Experience a decline in HomeKit connections with iOS 16.4 release, just as it was in iOS 15. There are certain connected devices (for me that's Eve lightstrips and myQ garage door hub) that are unreachable 98% of the time. I have to reset them to use them, they work once or twice for an hour and then go offline again," one user reported on April 2. Another confirmed "since the update, my devices have been stuck updating for a long time", as well as reporting connectivity issues, AirPlay issues, and more. HomeKit in the mudOther users have reported major problems with automations and scene buttons. "Since installing TVOS 16.4 Homekit 2 on the Apple TV, only the movement of a HomeKit camera is shown, but not the image from the camera in a Picture-in-Picture window. This made this all-important feature complete for us unusable after installing TVOS 16.4 Homekit 2 on the Apple TV. update," a user reported on Wednesday. Another bug we've seen many times is issues with family invites, such as house keys. One Twitter user also reported a loss of HomeKit notifications, while another said the update had been "disastrous", causing their HomeKit smart bulbs to slow down. My Home accessories in HomeKit are completely broken after the 16.4 update. Nothing reacts. Reset all hubs to factory settings. Turned off all routers/cable modems and turned them back on. Nothing. 😕 March 30, 2023 See more However, not everyone seems to be affected. One user said they were "very pleased" with the 16.4 update and said it was better, another went so far as to say it was "infinitely more responsive". Other reported issues we've seen include issues specific to Tradfri devices. Since some users do not see these issues, it is very difficult to determine what the problem could be. If you're having issues with HomeKit, the best place to start is by making sure all your devices are running the latest software and rebooting/resetting everything if you can afford it. Unfortunately, those most affected report that even all the "usual" steps you would expect in these cases are not enough to fix the issues. Future software updates, such as the upcoming iOS 16.4.1, may be required to resolve this.

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