Aqara Introduces New Matter Ceiling Lamp with Built-In Notification Light

Cupertino, August 31, 2023

Aqara is expanding its range of smart home products by introducing several new additions. One of the highlights is the Aqara T1M ceiling lamp, which is compatible with Matter and boasts a unique feature. With a diameter of 50 cm (~19.7 inches), this ceiling lamp offers a stunning range of 16 million colors and has an independently addressable RGB ring on the outside. This ring can be used to create gradient lighting effects and also acts as a status indicator when paired with other smart home products. For instance, you can program the lamp to display a specific color when a problem is detected by another smart device, such as a leak or an open door. The ceiling lamp also has low idle power consumption and Matter-over-bridge compatibility, making it a versatile and energy-efficient option. Pricing and availability details for the T1M ceiling lamp are yet to be announced, but its independently addressable bezel sets it apart from other smart ceiling lights on the market, including those from the Hue range.

Aqara has also unveiled the Camera E1, a new 2K indoor security camera that supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. Although it doesn't support Matter, the camera is compatible with various smart home platforms, such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Equipped with AI-powered person detection and person tracking, the Camera E1 allows you to store images on a microSD card, in the cloud, or via network storage (NAS). This camera is set to be available worldwide later this year.

Furthermore, Aqara showcased a European-style power outlet that can be wired into your home. Similar to their US-style smart plug, this power outlet can be controlled through the Aqara app and is compatible with smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit. It also supports Matter when used with one of Aqara's Matter-enabled Zigbee 3.0 hubs. Moreover, this power outlet enables energy consumption tracking and can be integrated into routines, such as dimming the lights when the TV is turned on.

Aqara is also introducing the Smart Lock U200, a Matter-over-Thread smart lock that eliminates the need to replace your existing lock. According to Aqara, the Smart Lock U200 is compatible with existing cylinders and requires no drilling or modifications to your door. It offers various unlocking methods, including Aqara's NFC card, fingerprint authentication, and PIN codes. However, the release date for this product is not yet known, as Aqara plans to launch it on Kickstarter later this year.

Lastly, Aqara has announced the Zigbee 3.0 dual relay module, which allows you to control lights, motorized window coverings, garage doors, water heaters, and more. This device supports Matter-over-bridge and comes with safety features such as overheating protection, overload protection, and configurable current limits. The Dual Relay Module T2 is expected to be available worldwide later this year.

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