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Cupertino, August 16, 2021

Aqara Matter support has been added to two of its existing hubs, upgrading them to the HomeKit-compatible connectivity standard for smart home devices. Updating the hubs will provide Matter connectivity to much of the company's product range, including sensors, switches and plugs.

The company says Matter compatibility is coming first to two hubs, theAqara M1S and M2 ...


Matter is an open-source secure connectivity standard for smart home devices. Originally known as CHIP (Connected Home over IP), it is supported by over 200 companies, including Apple.

Matter has two main advantages. First, it is a royalty-free way for any smart home device to gain compatibility with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Weave ecosystems. This removes one of the barriers to HomeKit compatibility.

Second, any Matter-compatible device can pass signals around the house, so if you have a hub on one side of your house and a device on the other side of your house, and not enough signal strength to reach it, any Matter device between the two can pass the command.

Apple first announced its support for the standard back in 2019, with the name change occurring earlier this year.

Aqara Matter support

Aqara made the announcement today.

Aqara, a supplier for smart home products, today announced its commitment to Matter, a new connectivity standard for IoT devices. The company plans to offer global consumers a variety of Matter-compatible products. As a first step, Aqara will integrate Matter into its existing hubs - Aqara M1S and M2 - via a software update (OTA). The updated Aqara M2 and M1S hubs will ensure that certain new and existing Aqara end devices are compatible with Matter*.

The first Matter-compatible Aqara end devices will include the latest sensors, wall switches and smart plugs. Integration of Matter will not disrupt current Aqara smart homes, as users will continue to enjoy the same features and benefits of Aqara's existing Zigbee devices […]

The OTA update for the Aqara M2 and M1S hubs will be available shortly after Matter's rollout. According to the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), the Matter certification program and the first Matter-certified devices are expected to be available in the first half of 2022. As a member of the Matter Working Group, Aqara has been actively monitoring the latest Matter developments and specifications to ensure a seamless launch next year.

The asterisk simply refers to the fact that not all Aqara devices support Matter.

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