Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 Compatible with HomeKit

Cupertino, May 3, 2024

The new Thread- and Matter-compatible Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 came out Tuesday for use with HomeKit and other smart-home platforms, the company said.

“In the fast-growing global passive infrared (PIR) sensor market, Aqara has achieved remarkable success, distributing more than 100,000 units last year,” said Cathy You, Aqara's senior VP of Global Business and Strategy.

“The launch of the Motion and Light Sensor P2, which combines our renowned sensor technology with the latest connectivity protocols and standards, reflects our forward-thinking approach and our commitment to delivering smart home solutions that are ready for the advancements of tomorrow,” she added to.

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Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2

The new motion and light sensor from Aqara contains an ultra-wide-angle PIR motion sensor with a standalone lighting sensor.

This technology enables detection up to a distance of 7 meters and horizontally over 170 degrees.

So you can use the sensor to automate lighting, improve safety and help manage climate control.

For example, you can automate a temperature change in the dark.

Unlike some sensors on the market, Aqara's P2 measures light intensity and movement separately.

So it won't affect the control of the lighting and window coverings you install for comfort and energy efficiency.

The sensor's battery lasts up to two years, Aqara added.

Native Matter support and Thread border router functionality

You can control the sensor with the Aqara app or the Home app on your iPhone.

Here's more from the company about the device:

As a Thread device, the P2 motion and light sensor connects to any Matter controller with Thread Border Router functionality.

And [it] enables use on multiple compatible platforms thanks to Matter's multi-admin feature.

Additionally, the sensor offers some Aqara Home exclusive features such as customizable sensitivity and detection timeout settings for customized performance.

Users can fine-tune both parameters via the Aqara Home app. [It] requires Aqara's Thread-enabled Matter controller, e.g. the upcoming Hub M3.

Aqara also said it will release additional Thread devices in the coming months.

These should include the Hub M3 and Smart Lock U200 mentioned above.

Aqara said in February that Home Key support would come to the lock with software updates.

You can buy Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 for $33.99 on Amazon.

Where to buy: Amazon

Source: Aqara

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