Aqara releases new contact sensor and water detector in China, new firmware for Siri Remote and more

Cupertino, January 12, 2022

Every Sunday we recap the events in the HomeKit world of the past seven days.

Yeedi Mop Station available now

We continue to be very happy with the Yeedi Mop Station, you can read our full review here. The robot vacuums and mops blithely every day as soon as we leave the house.

Yeedi Mop Station: Vacuuming and mopping robot with self-cleaning station in test

The best part: the base station cleans in between and at the end of the two rotating mop pads. Since Monday, the suction and mopping robot is also available on Amazon.

Automation of the week: Automatically activate "good night" scene

In this week's Automation of the Week we show you step-by-step how to automatically activate the "Good Night" scene every night when you connect your iPhone to the charger.

Activate "Good night" scene automatically

However, we would especially like to highlight the resulting conversation in our community. That's exactly how it should be: We want to inspire and stimulate ideas with our automations!

Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements Controller get thread update

The firmware and app update released this week makes the Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements controllers Thread Border Router. Such devices establish the connection between the thread network and the home network.

Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements Controller are now Thread Border Routers

Reader M commented under our post that since the update the Mac or PC app no longer works and also a reinstallation did not bring the desired success. Have you had similar experiences? Please leave him a comment.

Aqara releases new E1 contact sensor and E1 water detector in China

As reported by the colleagues of Homekit.Blog, Aqara has released a new contact sensor and water detector in China.

Aqara releases contact sensor and water detector in China

The new models with E1 in the name use Zigbee 3.0 as the radio standard. Visually, the devices do not differ from their predecessors. We assume that both the contact sensor and the water detector will also be available in this country in the long run.

Siri Remote gets new firmware

Apple has released a new firmware for the new Siri Remote, which is included with the new Apple TV as well as available separately, this week. This is reported by the colleagues from MacRumors.

Siri Remote gets a new firmware

It is not known what exactly Apple has changed. You also do not have the option to trigger the update manually and cannot see whether the update has already been installed. In principle, nothing changes for you.

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