Aqara U100 smart lock, G4 video doorbell and G3 security camera

Cupertino, July 31, 2023

When Apple fans look for home security products, they tend to expect more than most. The combination of the Aqara U100 smart lock, G4 video doorbell and G3 security camera is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding smart homeowner. The Aqara brand is known for combining aesthetically pleasing designs with deep HomeKit integration, while still offering remarkable value for money - with Amazon Prime Day offering additional discounts of up to 30%... Aqara is no stranger to Homekit.Blog readers , thanks to enthusiastic support for HomeKit through products ranging from sensors to security cameras and smart door locks. For Apple users, the company understood that HomeKit compatibility was simply a matter of importance and that it needed to provide the deepest possible integration into the Apple Home world. For example, the smart door locks support Apple Home Keys - the newest and most advanced part of the HomeKit ecosystem - while the security cameras offer the guaranteed privacy of Apple's HomeKit Secure Video standard. Aqara U100 Smart Lock There are smart locks and there are smart locks. The Aqara U100 is designed to meet every need, from multiple unlocking methods to triggering different welcome scenes for each individual household member. The entry system of choice for most Apple users is, of course, Apple's Home Key system. Just tap the lock with your iPhone or Apple Watch to automatically unlock the door if you've chosen Express Mode - or confirm with Face ID or Touch ID if you've chosen the higher security option instead. But the Aqara U100 also supports other access options. For example, you may have chosen not to give younger children an iPhone or Apple Watch, so you can activate fingerprint unlocking for them instead. The lock supports up to 50 fingerprints, so it's trivial to let everyone in your family use them - and anyone who needs regular access to your home, such as cleaners and babysitters. You can also set passcodes for keyboard access. These can be permanent codes or one-time access codes, for example to let a visiting guest into your home before you arrive. Importantly, all of these access methods work with or without Internet access, so no one is left out if there's a service interruption, and Home Key works even if your iPhone loses power. Finally, there is a mechanical backup key for the ultimate peace of mind. The cleverness doesn't stop with unlocking methods - you can trigger automations too. For example, there's an optional auto-lock feature to lock the door behind you every time you leave the house. Deep HomeKit integration also means you can, for example, activate light scenes when people come home - and those scenes can be different for every family member. U100: Normally $189.99, only $151.99 on Prime Day with this link. G4 video doorbell The perfect complement to the smart door lock U100 is the G4 video doorbell. This again offers the very highest degree of smartness with the deepest level of HomeKit integration. When activated, the doorbell sounds just like a dumb one in the house, but it also sends notifications to your Apple devices. You can see who's at the door, use two-way audio to talk to them, and even ask your U100 smart door lock to let them in. The G4 itself can also recognize regular visitors, thanks to AI facial recognition. Using HomeKit Secure Video also means it recognizes anyone tagged in your Photos app. Facial recognition can be paired with custom ringtones so you don't even have to look at your iPhone to see who's calling.” The G4 is equally powerful when it comes to acting as a security camera. It registers anyone approaching your front door and notifies you remotely. It can also be linked to other devices, such as door sensors, and the doorbell can be integrated into the Aqara security system. If you don't want your own voice to be heard, you can choose one of four voice synthesizers. These include a robot voice and an 'uncle'. Finally, all video footage is recorded as HomeKit Secure Video. Local encryption is used for this, so that even Aqara or Apple cannot view the images. G4: Normally $119.99, just $95.99 on Prime Day with this link. G3 Indoor Security Camera Finally, if you want both indoor and outdoor security camera coverage, the G3 has you covered. Again, you get the ultimate in smarts, through AI facial recognition, pet recognition and gesture control. Not only that, but the camera can make your existing dumb infrared devices smart, thanks to a built-in IR emitter. So you can set the camera to trigger automations for things like ceiling fans and air conditioning units. Specifically, the G3 camera offers a 2K (2304×1296) resolution (1080p limitation applies to Apple's HomeKit Secure Video), with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. This is coupled with full pan-and-tilt control – with automatic movement – ​​to eliminate any blind spots. All video is again secured by Apple's HomeKit Secure Video standard. For total privacy protection when you're in the room, you can activate a hardware-level video pause feature that's confirmed by the camera displaying a cute sleepy face. G3: Normally $109.99, only $75.99 on Prime Day with this link. Many other Aqara devices are also on sale this Prime Day, so check out the company's other great deals here. FTC: We use auto affiliate links that generate revenue. More.

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