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Aqara unveils N200 Smart Lock and New Rocker Switches

Aqara Unveil N200 Smart Lock and New Rocker Switches

Aqara today officially unveiled their new smart lock Read N200, along with modified versions of their famous Aqara rocker switch cables. Both the switch and the rock switch have won awards at the annual level of the IF design competition, which is partly the reason for the launch of the two goods.

The new N200 smart lock has in fact been identified for several months in the Mi Home app, although it was simply not available, which is sometimes the case with devices that operate with the Xioami smart home ecosystem.

N200 follows from N100, which is compatible with HomeKit and hasn’t been updated for a long time. It seems the N200 is compatible with HomeKit, though we still don’t confirm that although the lock design is more square than the N100, in some simple specifications the two items are quite similar.

It looks like the N200 will come with a new authentication function of two factors, although we’re not entirely sure what that means. The lock will also have new hardware capable of detecting multiple types of changes, including lock and lock attempts of multiple types. The N200 will finally have a new, very robust sapphire fingerprint plate.

The Aqara H1 Rocker switch, available in single, double and triple switch versions, is alleged to support HomeKit through the Aqara gateway, using Zigbee, and will be available in wired and wireless versions, although the triple rocker switch will only be available in wired format. At the moment we can not say much about these switches, but apart from their compatibility with them