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Aqara will add Support for Sonos Speakers

Aqara Gains Support for Sonos Speakers

A partnership with Sonos for the home was recently announced by the Chinese Smart Home Aqara Center. This cooperation will take the form of automation and control between the Sonos speakers and the Aqara Home application.

While this does not seem to be exactly relevant to HomeKit per se, the fact that both Sonos and Aqara operate independently with Apple HomeKit,-Aqara switches and sensors both have a foot in their own ecosystem and HomeKit, although Sonos produces Airplay 2 speakers that are exposed to HomeKit means that Aqara’s HomeKit-compatible devices may build functionality that is not currently possible, or at l For Sonos speakers, alarms and even currently inappropriate devices such as the Aqara cube this could then require untested possibilities.

This Sonos partnership, of course, is continuing from the Ikea / Sonos speaker initiative, and the recent announcement by Terncy / Xiaoyan of their Smart Dial is compatible with both HomeKit and Sonos, and there seems to be a lot of movement towards multiple connections.

Regardless of how “HomeKit” is, for those who have been expecting such improvement, it is an interesting development for smart home and smart home integration.