Aqara's Latest FP2 mmWave Occupancy Sensor with HomeKit Receives Massive Price Slash to $71

Cupertino, August 24, 2023

There is now a new low on the recent Presence Sensor FP2 from Aqara. With the ability to boost your HomeKit setup by monitoring motion and activity in your space, the accessory now drops to $70.99 shipped from Amazon after the coupon is clipped on the page. This is now its best ever price as one of the first discounts from its usual $83 price tag. It's $12 off, as well as $4 below our previous listing.

Aqara's new occupancy sensor FP2 far exceeds what you can do with a typical motion detector or door/window sensor, allowing you to configure automations. It can be configured with up to 30 different zones, allowing for more specific customizations for triggering scenes based on where someone is in your home – relying on mmWave radar to make it all happen. Our hands-on review also takes a closer look at what you can expect from the experience. However, you can just stick with a more typical door and window sensor for your automations. The new Aqara P2 sensor is by far the best option on the market, especially with its second ever discount to $27. As one of the few models on the market to offer both Thread and Matter support, the new Aqara allows you to P2 door and window sensor take full advantage of automating your HomeKit installation. Perfect for turning the lights on and off automatically when you enter or leave the front door. This accessory can also be used to check whether a window is open before switching on the air conditioning. It's a great option for extra peace of mind in your smart home, or just a perfect option to really get more smartness out of your gadgets.

The new sensor is natively compatible with Siri, Alexa and Assistant and can send you alerts when the sensor is opened or closed. Dive into our hands-on review to better understand what to expect. If you're looking for other ways to expect your smart home setup, we're also still holding a discount on the Eve Room Air Quality Monitor. This Thread-equipped accessory costs $75, along with a collection of Eve's latest HomeKit gear. Features of the Aqara Presence Sensor FP2: The Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 (2.4GHz Wi-Fi REQUIRED) offers significant advantages over PIR infrared motion sensors by using a single radar sensor to monitor rooms up to 40 m². You can also divide it into up to 30 zones, such as a sofa, bed, or desk, etc., and set individual automations for each zone. It's like having multiple PIR sensors at the same time with one FP2 occupancy sensor. Please note that the FP2 is a wired sensor that must be supplied with constant power. Subscribe to the Homekit.Blog YouTube channel for the latest videos, reviews and more!

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