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Aura Air launches a pair of air purifiers for home and away

Aura Air launches a pair of air purifiers for home and away

Aura Air launches a pair of air purifiers for home and away

Aura Air launches a pair of air purifiers for home and away

Aura Air has announced the launch of the company’s Aura Air and Aura Air Mini personal air purifiers. Previously available only through crowdfunding campaigns, Aura Air has multi-stage air filtering and smart control of the app, while the smallest, Aura Air Mini is packaged in a rechargeable battery for portable use.

“Good air quality is essential for one’s health, and what many don’t realize is that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. In fact, most people spend up to 95% of their time in it. a polluted indoor environment, “said Aviad Shnaiderman, CEO and co-founder of Aura Air. “We created Aura Air as an easy-to-use system that uses behavioral data to customize air quality management that meets the needs of individuals, families and businesses. We believe that everyone has the right to clean air.”

Aura Air has a unique wall-mounted design that cleans larger interior areas of up to 600 square meters. Aura Air uses a patented multi-stage ray filter that consists of a HEPA filter to capture smaller particles, copper fabric that filters viruses and bacteria, and a carbon layer that absorbs VOCs and odors. Combined with a UVC light and a layer of sterionizer that generates positive and negative ions, the purifier is “99.97% effective in disinfecting viruses, bacteria, mold and other impurities,” according to Aura Air.

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In addition to air purification, Aura Air monitors indoor and outdoor air quality through a variety of on-board sensors. Indoor monitoring capabilities include smoke, CO, CO2, VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, temperature and humidity, while outdoor monitoring adds NOX, NO, NO2, ozone, allergies and weather.

The largest Aura Air also offers smart Wi-Fi controls via the Aura Air app available on iOS and Android. Through the app, users can view air quality values, filter status, custom recommendations, and set up Aura Air with Alexa and the Google Voice Control Assistant.

Aura Air, the smallest Aura Air Mini, is purified on the go, with a compact design that weighs less than a kilogram. A rechargeable battery on board lasts up to six hours on charging, and users can top it up via USB-C. The Aura Air Mini uses a two-stage filtration process that consists of a pre-filter and a sterilizer that covers smaller areas of up to 107 square meters.

Aura Air and Aura Air Mini are available for orders now through Prices start at $ 179 for the smaller Aura Mini and go up to $ 499 for the larger Aura Air unit. Replacement Ray filters are also available for $ 69.

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