Automate holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit!

Cupertino, March 9, 2020

If you decorate your holiday home, you can make things a little more futuristic and more interesting by adding a few HomeKit enabled devices into the mix. This way, you can ask Siri to stop her tree, turn off her inflatable reindeer, and turn off the red and green lights of the yard. Going smart is easy; just use a few of these handouts and lights that we gathered to start the holiday season properly.

The best smart cards for HomeKit in 2020

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The Wemo Mini from Belkin has a slim profile that will not lock the other receptacle in the socket, allowing the use of two of them at the same time. The Mini is UL certified for safety and also includes a three-year warranty that will keep your fir tree safe for years to come.

$ 21 on Amazon

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The iHome iSP100 smart outdoor plow offers HomeKit comfort to all your exterior decorations. Exterior display control is just a push or cry, and you can even program it when it is turned on and off by automation, making sure they won't be left on all night.

$ 35 at Amazon

Automate holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit

Eve Energy is smart and has a light that doubles as a switch - just press the little green button to turn on and off anything you've connected to it. It will also allow you to track your energy consumption, and the Eve app does a great job of viewing this data over time, keeping you updated on how much energy your lights consume.

$ 42 on Amazon

Automate holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit

If you have Philips Hue lights in your home, consider choosing a few Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulbs. They are bright, can be changed to a lot of colors and are simply taken care of! You can set a red and green theme when watching your favorite holiday movies and a blue and white theme when you want to bring a little winter to your home.

$ 45 at Amazon

Automate holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit

Candy cane color lamps are a base in outdoor displays, but why bother with the need to remove them each season? Hue Calla Pathway Light accepts vivid colors as well as clean whites, keeping your sidewalk or entrance 24 hours, 365 days a year with a brightness of up to 650 lights.

$ 128 at Amazon

1583729868 833 Automate holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit

There is little (a lot) more expensive than ordinary Christmas lights and holidays, but the Philips Hue Lightstrip can make a dazzling holiday display in your home. This light strip is six meters of multicolored LEDs in a folded band. You can wrap it around the furniture, you can wrap it behind the TV or the home entertainment set, you can wrap it on the motherboard, etc. It's pretty naughty!

$ 68 at Amazon

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Switching to holiday lighting on the next level with HomeKit can be as easy as screwing a light bulb or plugging in an outlet. With HomeKit, you can summon the Siri light show anytime, anywhere, and you can also schedule the display to turn on and off automatically at dawn and dusk.

We like the Wemo Mini for its compact design, which not only looks cleaner than other jacks, but two fit into one socket, maximizing your space. There are also outdoor sockets available, including the iHome iSP100 Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug, which is an excellent weather-resistant option capable of powering the biggest decorations.

Now that you have the equipment you have chosen, it's time to configure them with HomeKit. Consult our guide to get them up and running. Are you ready to take things further? Add accessories to scenes and automation and make everything come to life automatically.

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