Best HomeKit camera in 2022

Cupertino, January 16, 2022

With the best HomeKit camera, your security setup will work perfectly with your Apple devices. HomeKit is Apple's answer to Alexa or Google Assistant: one place where you can control different products via the Home app. Your HomeKit devices communicate through a central hub, which may be built into a device, such as an Apple TV or HomePod. That saves you a lot of time and worry, by bringing everything into one interface. It also allows for cool integrations, such as the living room lighting that comes on when the garden camera detects movement. However, it is important to mention that HomeKit Secure Video, a newer feature, is not the same as 'Works With HomeKit'. While HomeKit lets you access cameras and watch live video, the HomeKit Secure Video service offers iCloud recording services and intelligent features. detection occurs), Apple's approach is to do the analysis on your in-home hub. Video is optionally encrypted and sent to the cloud for storage. This is done with an existing iCloud account, but (generous for a tech company) does not count towards your data limit, instead there is a fixed time limit. The best HomeKit cameras in 2022 (Image credit: Logitech)1. Logitech Circle ViewBest HomeKit camera overall Specifications HomeKit supported: Yes Secure video support: Yes Camera resolution: 1080p Field of view: 180 degrees Power source: USBNight Vision: Yes, 4.5 m (15 ft) 2-way audio: Yes Acts as a hub ?: No Sensing capabilities: Yes, in-home video analytics, end-to-end encryption Reasons to buy+Stunning premium design+Meets Apple's HomeKit privacy ideals+Logitech's excellent TrueView video system Reasons to Avoid - Relatively expensive camera - No other options from Logitech (at the moment) With an IP64 rating the stylish Logitech circle can live indoors or out; it won't spoil the decor in either place, which is appreciated, although it should be sheltered outside under the eve. In addition to the HomeKit encryption, privacy is built into the design in the form of a simple hinge - it's reassuring to be able to point the camera at its own stand or press the physical button on the back. We also appreciate the quality evident in the glass optics, making this a great choice for a premium environment. The steady refinement of the Apple workflow means setup is also painless and analytics can be accessed in-house in the Apple app. (Image credit: Aquara)2. Aquara Camera Hub G2H The best HomeKit camera for newbies Specifications HomeKit support: Yes Secure video support: Yes Camera resolution: 1080P Field of view: 140 degrees Power source: 5 W, 1 A (USB) Night vision: Yes 2-way audio: Yes Works as a hub ?: Yes, Zigbee Detection Capabilities: Facial Recognition, Activity Zones Reasons to Buy + Works as a hub for Zigbee devices + Accessible priced with generous feature set Reasons to Avoid - Indoor camera only - Dome design not ideal for all positions The Aquara is a good one choice for those relatively new to the HomeKit game, as it offers a built-in Zigbee hub, eliminating the need to invest in an Apple TV or HomePod Mini to achieve certified products. It's a pleasingly subtle design too, so it doesn't matter that it's not in the closet with the router, and it has the magnetic base we always love (makes it easy to stick to the fridge). The camera also features local storage via MicroSD card. (Image credit: Netatmo)3. Netamo Smart Video DoorbellThe best HomeKit camera for doorsSpecificationsSupports HomeKit: YesSupports Secure Video: NoCamera resolution: 1080P HDRField of view: Portrait format Power source: Wired 8-24V, 230VNight Vision: Yes2-way audio: Yes Acts as a hub?: NoSensive power: Person detection Reasons to buy+Subscription free+ Portrait format camera Reasons to Avoid - Doesn't support Secure Video - No wireless option available (although wired is better, once done). There are cheaper smart doorbells out there than the Netamo. But there's also a lot to be said for a HomeKit link, and none of the big players (Google's Nest or Amazon's Ring) are cooperating for their own reasons. Plus, it's great that this device saves video to an internal MicroSD instead of insisting you get a cloud subscription. We appreciate the sharp HDR video, which makes it easy to see people even in unforgiving light. Apple fans will appreciate being able to use their HomePods as chimes. And overall, as a wired system, this is a great project for a DIY fan. (Image credit: Eufy) 4. Eufy Solo C24Best HomeKit camera for indoors Specifications HomeKit supported: Yes Secure video support: No Camera resolution: 2K Field of view: 105 horizontal x 57 vertical Power source: USBNight Vision: –2-way audio: Yes Acts as a hub?: No Sensing capabilities: Human , Pet, Howling Reasons Buy+Subscription free live view and 2-way chat+MicroSD, local or cloud storage optionsReasons to Avoid-Does not support Secure Video AI services Eufy subscription required Eufy is an established brand in the world of home security and recent releases have started adding HomeKit compatibility to their lineup. The tiny C24 is a small indoor camera that won't have a major impact on the wallet, but will immediately add an additional live view to the Home app for Apple users and expand the options for dedicated users of the Eufy system. We appreciate the fact that the camera hasn't tied customers to a contract either. However, since it doesn't support Secure Video, the discovery features or storage requires a memory card or you need to log into Eufy's cloud service. (But not, to be clear, Eufy's Homebase service, which it won't work with...not that it's necessary if you have HomeKit). (Image credit: Netatmo)5. Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera NOC-S The best HomeKit camera for outdoors , Cars, Warning Zones, Reasons to Buy+No Subscription Fees+Floodlight & Siren+Good Own Brand App+Supports MicroSD Card RecordingReasons to Avoid-Doesn't Support Secure Video-Setup Requires Phone App & Bluetooth-Max 32GB MicroSD (Class 10) The Netatmo is an established product, not that you would know it. It used to be called 'Presence' when it launched in 2016, although obviously the firmware has changed a bit (support is always a good sign). The elegant aluminum housing is sure to survive outdoors for a long time, even with high levels of UV rays. If you opt for it, it can also feature a real 105db siren – no 2-way chat and repurposed audio speaker here. Thanks to the system's ability to distinguish people from animals and cars up to 20 m (65 ft), the siren does not need to be activated with every movement; this is the way to turn neighbors into friends (your author is sad to report that his neighbors have not invested in such a device). (Image credit: Netatmo) 6. Eufy eufyCam 2C ProThe best HomeKit camera for wireless setup Road Audio: Yes Sensing Capabilities: Human, Face Pattern, Animals, Cars, Detection Zones Reasons to Buy+No Subscription Fee+Large Local Storage in Discrete Unit+Premium Apple-Like Style+Expandable via Eufy's Range of CamerasReasons to Avoid: Batteries need to be topped up regularly adjusting HomeKit settings to 2K is a faffEufy's system already achieves much of what you would expect from a security system; it has secure on-site storage (a whopping 3TB encrypted with 256-bit), built-in human detection, and an app that can alert you to live events and set detection zones. However, the idea of ​​installing a complete system of premium cameras all at once – and with the simplicity of wireless cameras – is very tempting, and Eufy is doing it as best it can right now. That is, the technology and app are great, but unless the cameras don't fire at all, the batteries will need to be topped up almost monthly beyond the suggested 180 days. Color night vision means activating that LED floodlight, although at least it's optional. (Image credit: Ecobee)7. Ecobee SmartCameraBest HomeKit camera with thermostatSpecsSupports HomeKit: YesSupports protected video: YesCamera resolution: 1080pField of view: 180° diagonal, 170° horizontal, 115° vertical Power source: WiredNight Vision: Yes Acts as a hub?: Yes2-way audio: YesSensing capabilities: Motion, temperature, smoke Reasons to buy + Easy to install + Protects security and temperature + Great night vision Reasons to avoid: No outdoor camera Want to stay safe and warm? Then this combination of security system and smart thermostat is a good choice. It comes with HomeKit Secure Video, 1080p video, Alexa built-in, and the motion tracking is excellent. You also get smoke detection and great night vision thanks to three powerful infrared LEDs (850nm) with mechanical ICR filter. The smart camera detects when a person is present and rotates across its 180º field of view to keep them in the center of the frame. It works perfectly with HomeKit and Secure Video is also supported. Plus, it offers smoke detection, so you'll get a mobile notification if SmartCamera detects a smoke alarm while you're away. Other Helpful Buying Guides: Best Outdoor Security Cameras in 2022 Best Indoor Security Cameras Best PTZ Camera Best PoE Cameras Best Pet Cameras Best Doorbell Cameras Best Body Cameras for Personal Security

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