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Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

The HomePod, with its stunning sound and Siri voice controls, is simply the best smart speaker around for those that want all things Apple. The HomePod can do it all, from Stereo Pairing that creates an immersive home theater experience, to a HomeKit smart home command center — it is an essential part of Apple’s ecosystem. This year, Apple has introduced a smaller, more affordable option, the HomePod mini, that still offers excellent sound and can go just about anywhere.

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMoreSource: Joseph Keller/iMore

Apple’s larger HomePod makes it incredibly easy to get started with a premium music experience. With a simple plug and play design, voice controls, and sound that automatically adapts to your environment, it can be up and running in minutes. The HomePod mini, while dramatically smaller, features all of the same great extras as the HomePod, but also adds in a new Thread wireless radio that allows it to act as a hub for HomeKit accessories. The smaller size means it isn’t as powerful as a speaker as the original HomePod, but it can still fill a room with great.

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, there may never be a better time to add your first HomePod or to add a HomePod mini or two to other rooms in your home. Here are the best Black Friday HomePod deals that you can find now, and be sure to check out our guide to the best Apple Black Friday deals for even more savings!

Black Friday HomePod deals

Despite being on the market for over a few years already, Apple’s original HomePod doesn’t go on sale very often. However, for special shopping days, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we typically see discounts of around $100, so if you have been holding out, this is the time to pick one up.

Also, since the HomePod mini just hit stores, merely finding one before the end of this year may be an issue, so we suggest jumping on one at the full retail price if you manage to track one down.

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

The original HomePod only gets better over time, with the latest additions being a slick intercom feature and home theater capabilities. Of course, the HomePod still offers some of the best sound available in a smart speaker, making it a fantastic choice for the living room.

Black Friday HomePod deals | iMore

Apple’s HomePod mini packs in premium sound and Siri smart home controls into an ultra-compact speaker with a small price to match. Even without any special Black Friday deals, just finding one before the end of the year is a big deal.

Black Friday and beyond

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just over a week away, we are bound to see more and more early deals go live on everything from kitchen appliances, clothes, and electronics. We are keeping on our eyes on all of the best deals, so be sure to check back often for the latest Black Friday deals on the HomePod and more this shopping season.

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