Check out the top smart home picks from our IFA 2023 selection

Cupertino, September 11, 2023

It was a busy week in Berlin as the IFA 2023 technology trade show took place, with a who's who of the consumer tech world on hand to show off their new devices. The smart home was a big theme at IFA this year, with a plethora of brands keen to show off the latest gadgets they want you to connect to your smart home setup. Here are our Best in Show top picks from IFA 2023....

Philips Hue Secure
The new Philips Hue Secure cameras are available with both battery and wired options and are part of the new Philips Hue Secure smart security system. They have end-to-end encryption as standard. This means that no processing of the images takes place in the cloud, but that it all happens locally on the devices themselves. The new cameras are controlled via the Hue app and are an obvious choice for existing Hue users who want to get more smart security features from their connected lights. Offer: Save 40% on a Philips Hue White and Color Twinpack

Tado Heat Pump Connector
The new Tado Heat Pump Connector is designed to heat homes using air-water systems; those with radiators in rooms around the house, but which are powered by a heat pump rather than a boiler. In addition to the new heat pump connector, Tado has also launched the Tado Balance Heat Pump feature in the Tado app, which allows you to more efficiently control how your heat pump works and choose when to preheat rooms or fill water tanks based on real-world data.

SwitchBot S10
The SwitchBot S10 is a new robot vacuum cleaner and mopping machine that automatically refills water and drains dirty water. It comes with a water station that, just like a dishwasher or washing machine does in your home, is connected directly to your cold water supply and drain. It's a simple idea, but it takes even more of the hassle out of automatic cleaning.

Roborock Zeo One
The Roborock Zeo One is the robo-cleaning expert's first foray into the washing machine category in the Western world. It features a barrage of advanced technology baked in and packed in features that eliminate bacteria, pet dander and more and that, thanks to Zcycle's moderate temperature drying technology that can dry your delicate clothes at precise moderate temperatures controlled by a AI algorithm, with NTC smart sensors to prevent damage. It also looks pretty cool with a sleek touchscreen controller on the front.

Eve Play 2
The Eve Play is an AirPlay 2 streaming box designed to make your dumb speakers and hi-fi equipment smart. It features RCA, optical and coaxial outputs, providing a versatile solution for integrating modern streaming technology with traditional audio setups. Since AirPlay 2 already offers multi-room music, the new Eve Play makes it even easier to share your music throughout your home.

Shark Detect Pro
The Shark Detect Pro is an intelligent vacuum cleaner equipped with four deep cleaning technologies. This smart cleaner adapts to different cleaning situations by adjusting suction power, illuminating low-light areas and effectively cleaning edges and different floor types. And when it's done, it also clears its own tank via the docking station.

Ezviz E6
The Ezviz E6 is the brand's first Apple HomeKit Secure Video security camera. It has a 3K resolution and offers 360-degree panning from the Ezviz app, so you can keep a close eye on everything happening in your home. It's also compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and features AI-powered people and pet detection, automatic zoom tracking, a privacy shutter, IR night vision, and bark and meow detection.

Aqara Ceiling Lamp T1M
The Aqara Ceiling Lamp T1M is actually two smart lamps in one. There is an inner part and an outer ring and the suggestion is that the latter can be used for visual notifications. For example, you can turn on a blue light if a water sensor has detected a leak, or a red light if a security camera has detected a person where there shouldn't be one. It's a simple, but very clever concept.

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