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Crestron TSR-310 Smart Remote Review

Crestron TSR-310 Smart Remote – Homekit News and Reviews

The layout is elegant and ergonomic. Epic features.

The incredible TSR-310 is a reimagined remote handheld from Crestron. It combines all of our past generation’s finest components with even more sophisticated features and superb ergonomic design, amazing button feel, voice control, custom engravable buttons, profile settings, and more.

Precision crafted. Perfectly weighted.
Handheld remotes from Crestron take control to a fresh level of luxury. Rugged and wrapped in a satiny soft, easy-grip accommodation, they provide outstanding convenience and ergonomics for hours of use.

The Crestron Performance UI experience
The Crestron Performance UI Experience Designed solely for the TSR-310, the brand-new Crestron Performance UI provides user experience in a remote handheld unlike anything seen before. With smooth, amazing transitions, animations, and icons, it converts and elevates normal UI behavior.