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Does eero Secure VPN support?

Does eero Secure VPN support?

Does eero Secure VPN support?

Does eero Secure VPN support?

Best answer: Yes, eero Secure includes VPN support for all its routers. However, this is only available at the Secure + subscription level, which is $ 7 per month more than the standard Secure eero service.

What comes with an eero Secure and eero Secure + subscription?

eero Secure includes everything you need to ensure a safe online experience for everyone in your home. eero Secure and Secure + come with the possibility to create family profiles for each member of your home. A profile includes assigning all the devices to a family member, allowing the possibility to interrupt access to the application on the Internet or to an appointment. Safe filters can also be applied to all devices, which prevent access to inappropriate sites and content.

Although not under parental control, ad blocking also comes with both Secure eero levels. Because all of these options apply at the router level, it is a simple switching alternative, without having to track everyone’s devices to configure everything. Also, eero Secure scans your traffic for any suspicious activity and, if something is found, it will automatically block it.

For something more, eero Secure + comes with all the features of the core service, but also adds free subscriptions to some of the most popular security-related applications and handy services like VPNs. eero Secure + comes in at $ 7 more than eero Secure, but the included applications and VPN are well worth the extra costs.

What applications do I have access to with Secure +?

eero Secure + comes with three applications designed to protect your family’s privacy and data. First of all, it’s a VPN service through, which works with up to five accounts. This allows you to use public Wi-Fi, but still keeps your traffic under lock and key.

Also included is a five-member subscription to 1Password, one of the best password managers. Not only does this great app store all your passwords in one central place, it also keeps an eye out for any duplicates and violations to let you know if you need to change things.

Finally, anti-virus protection is included through Malwarebytes. This antivirus client can be installed on up to three devices, which cover phones, tablets and personal computers.

Does work on all my devices?

Yes! works on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. Because the Secure + eero service includes five accounts, which cover multiple devices per account, it can cover everyone in your family.

Are there any limitations?

Not! The included VPN subscription offers unlimited access to data and devices on your account. The included accounts work just like a standard account, which is usually $ 9.99 alone.

Also, if you are concerned about the VPN, setting up the included VPN service happens outside of the eero application. Most VPN applications have a step on how to configure it if you need a little extra help