Each new HomeKit and AirPlay 2 device announced in CES week

Cupertino, January 30, 2021

Lutron Cassette Wireless Outer PlugSource: Lutron

While CES 2021 looked a little different this year, becoming virtual, we still managed to take a look at some brilliant HomeKit accessories and AirPlay 2 devices that could be coming to our homes soon. This year, we saw common suspicions, such as smart sockets, speakers and lights, but we also received some surprises that expand both platforms into new categories. Here are all the HomeKit and AirPlay 2 accessories that were announced during CES week.

CES HomeKit: Arlo Essential interior room - TBD availability

Arlo Room

Source: Arlo Technologies, Inc.

The future Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, along with a touch-free ringtone, was awarded the CES Innovation Award this year, thanks to an "easy-to-control automatic privacy shield" that allows users to decide with a touch in the Arlo app when monitoring and records.

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Although Arlo did not specifically mention HomeKit support at this time, we suspect it will follow in the footsteps of previous cameras, where it is added shortly after launch via an update. Additional details will be shared closer to the launch of the camera.

CES HomeKit: Aromeo Sense - TBD availability

Aromeo Sense

Source: Aromeo

Aromeo Sense is billed as a "multi-sensory" device that is designed to help you sleep, relax and concentrate. Sense uses a waterless speaker system that works with perfume pods and a lighting system that consists of 40 LEDs with support for several colors.

Sense also offers "clean" therapy playlists through the Aromeo app, and in addition to HomeKit support, Sense will support Amazon Amazon and Google Assistant. Aromeo Sense is currently available for pre-order through a public funding campaign starting at $ 139.

CES HomeKit: JBL SA750 integrated amplifier - Available in April 2021

Jbl Sa750 Airplay2 Amp

Source: JBL

The JBL's integrated SA750 amplifier can deliver a pleasing retro design, but it supports the latest smart features - including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and AirPlay 2. This amplifier has AUX ports and 3.5mm dual headphones right on the front panel and has all the physical switches you might need: power, mute, direct, MC / MM phono and Dirac. The SA750 will be available starting in April.

CES HomeKit: JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam - Available spring 2021

Jbl Bar 5 0 Multibeam

Source: JBL

The JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam offers the most common home theater audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and blends in with specific JBL touches, such as 3D surround sound. JBL proclaims the soundbar as having "room-filling sound" without the need for additional speakers. Completing the feature set is AirPlay 2 support, which makes it easy to stream your content from iPhones and iPads. The soundbar will be available for $ 399.95 this spring.

CES HomeKit: Level Touch Matte Black & Polished Brass - Available in February 2021

Matte black touch level

Source: Level Home

The incredibly stylish Level Touch HomeKit smart lock will receive two additional finishes in 2021. Starting next month, Level Touch will be available in matte black, followed by polished brass later in the year.

Both new finishes will also have OMNIA lever / handle sets available that give a truly complete look.

CES HomeKit: LG HU810P 4K Laser Projector - Available January 2021

Lg Hu810p projector

Source: LG

Coming at the end of this month, the LG HU810P 4K laser projector transmits high definition videos on large screens up to a huge size of 300 inches. As its name suggests, this projector supports 4K video and the latest HDR10 and HLG standards, as well as AirPlay 2 which allows owners to stream content from iOS.

The HU810P will be available worldwide starting January 18 for a price of $ 2,999.

CES HomeKit: Lutron Caseta Outdoor Wireless Plug - Available March 2021

Lutron Cassette Wireless Outer Plug

Source: Lutron

The Caseta Wireless Lutron line of smart switches and dimmers are some of the most reliable and responsive HomeKit accessories around, making them our choice for the best smart light switches, and this year, the company is bringing things outdoors. In March, the Lutron Caséta Wireless Outdoor socket offers a single connected socket, capable of powering exterior decorations, lights and even smaller pumps and motors, in a weather-resistant IP-65 compact package.

Like other Caséta Wireless accessories, the new outdoor jack connects to Lutron's Smart Bridge Caseta instead of relying on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing for fast and consistent performance. In addition to the HomeKit, the external jack works with Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant, as well as the convenient Pico remote controls from Lutron. The Lutron Caséta outdoor plug will be available for $ 79.95 at various retailers this spring, including Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot.

CES HomeKit: Owl Wired Wired Security System - Available summer 2021

Playback of the Owl cable security system is cut off

Source: Owl Home

Owl Wired combines several sensors into a single complete security solution. This multiple sensor detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, reports temperature and humidity and monitors noise and movement.

Other essentials include a spare battery, LED status light, built-in siren and two color options. Owl Wired will be available later this year for $ 169, although a special pre-order price of $ 139 is now available.

CES HomeKit: Philips Hue Amaranth - Available in March 2021

Philips Hue Amaranth on a dark background

Source: Significance

Philips Hue Amarant is a "linear spot" for the exterior, which offers a "wall wash" effect with millions of colors. Amaranth can be mounted on a surface at ground level as well as upside down and is part of the LowVolt Luminere collection, making it easy to start with exterior lighting.

Philips Hue Amarant will be available in Europe starting this month, followed by a March launch in North America.

CES HomeKit: Philips Hue Appears - Available in January 2021

Philips Hue They appear outdoors

Source: Significance

The popular Philips Hue Appear outdoor wall lamp receives a new color option for the new year. Available later this month in Europe, the look will now come in a brushed stainless steel finish, joining the previous completely black look.

The Appear, like the rest of the Philips Hue line, accepts up to 16 million different colors and displays them with a unique "floating" effect up and down. IP 44 weather resistance allows them to illuminate the outside all year round.

CES HomeKit: Philips Hue Dimmer Switch - Available in January 2021

Hue Dimmer

Source: Significance

Launched later this month in Europe (February in North America), the Philips Hue Smart Dimmer has a slightly redesigned front, while maintaining all the same features at hand that have made it a must for those with lighting. smart company.

The dimmer provides convenient access to control of light intensity, scenes and power and, with its ability to be easily removed, can be placed almost anywhere in the house. With HomeKit, each button can be assigned to other accessories, making it even more flexible.

CES HomeKit: Philips Hue Wall Switch Module - Available Spring 2021

Philips Hue wall switch module

Source: Significance

The Philips Hue wall switch module aims to solve one of the biggest obstacles faced by users with the company's smart light line by connecting to existing light switches. By wiring and placing this small device in the switch box, it will allow your Hue bulbs to continue to receive power so that they cannot be accessed if the physical switch is turned off.

Signify states that the wall switching module lasts at least five years on a small battery inside the box. Look for the wall switching module this spring in Europe and summer in North America.

CES HomeKit: Sony Bravia 4K and 8K TVs - Available spring 2021

Sony BRAVIA XR range

Source: Sony Electronics, Inc.

The latest TVs unveiled at CES 2021 from Sony are related to smart resolutions and high definition. Models available in Sony's 2021 Bravia and MASTER series include 4K and 8K imaging, smart home help via HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant, and a new processor called the Cognitive Processor XR.

According to Sony, the XR Cognitive Processor detects the focal point on the screen and can adjust a wide variety of visuals and also provides "3D" sound, knowing exactly where the audio source comes from. Although the prices have not been revealed, the new Sony range covers a wide variety of screen sizes, ranging from 50 inches to 85 inches.

CES HomeKit: TCL Alto 8e and Alto 82i sound bars - Available Q2 2021

The sound bar would be Tvl Alto

Source: TCL

TCL has a pair of AirPlay 2 soundbars coming this year, starting with Alto 8e in Q2. 8e offers a 3.2.1 configuration with support for Dolby Atmos. And coming in Q3 is the Alto 82i package, not in one, but in two built-in subwoofers. Along with AirPlay 2, both soundbars will work with Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant.

CES HomeKit: Roku TVs from the TCL 6 series and the XL collection - Available Q1 2021

Tcl 8 Series 4k Tv

Source: TCL

TCL 6 Series 2021 TVs and the XL collection take things to the next level with 8K high definition video support, mini-LED backlighting, larger screens of 85 inches and Roku TV integration. Roku has recently updated its 4K streaming cassettes and connected TVs to support both HomeKit and AirPlay 2, so we expect to see these TVs play nicely with Apple platforms when they ship later this year.

CES HomeKit: VOCOlinc Cool Mist Umidifier - Available now

Vocolinc Cool Mist humidifier illuminated in several colors

Source: VOCOlinc

While most of the products announced during CES week will not be shipped until later this year, VOCOlinc's Cool Mist humidifier is actually available for purchase now on Amazon. The new humidifier has a large-capacity 2.5-liter tank that can cover small and medium-sized rooms of up to 430 square meters for 30 hours.

The latest VOCOlinc accessory is more than just a humidifier, as it can also function as an essential oil diffuser and mood light. The LED lights on board support millions of colors and lighting effects that can be set via the VOCOlinc app, as well as the Home and Siri app.

$ 70 on Amazon

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