Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Cupertino, July 14, 2020

Apple's HomeKit Video Security feature combines the power of iCloud with the emphasis on privacy for which the company is famous. HomeKit Secure Video includes 10 days of free recording using an existing iCloud storage plan, A.I. image analysis to filter problem notifications and quick and easy access through the Home app. Here is our list of all the HomeKit safety cameras and bells that support the latest and greatest smart home features.

Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

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Logitech’s Circle View offers up to 1080p video recording and includes a built-in microphone to talk to those around your home. This wired camera connects directly to the Apple Home app without requiring a separate app or account, allowing it to be set up in just minutes. Circle View also works both indoors and outdoors, making it one of the most flexible options around.

  • $ 160 to Apple

  • $ 160 at Logitech

Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

The Netatmo Presence smart outdoor security camera is the only HomeKit camera on the market that is designed to look like an existing light fixture. The camera is weather resistant, plus it has a high light that can be turned on and off with motion events or through an app. The presence room uses AI to determine what is going on and will distinguish events based on whether the movement was from people, cars or pets.

  • $ 300 on Amazon

  • $ 300 Netatmo

1594740679 132 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

The Netatmo smart indoor security camera is more than your average camera. The golden exterior of the room makes it a conversation piece in the house and does not look like a traditional security room. The Netatmo camera can provide motion-based alerts with recordings and can also raise alarms throughout the house, such as a security system or smoke detector.

1594740679 405 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

EufyCam 2 is a completely wireless camera option, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A large rechargeable battery offers incredible battery life, being able to last a whole year between charges. The base system of the eufyCam 2 includes two 1080p cameras that support IR night vision, two-way audio and a tamper alarm to keep them safe when they are out.

1594740679 14 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Although it may look similar to the eufyCam 2, the upgraded Best Buy Exclusive Pro enhances the view with 2K resolution. Even with fanciful images, the two-camera Pro 2K system maintains an impressive 365-day battery life, complete with two-way audio and night vision, which can shed light on things up to 25 meters away.

$ 350 at Best Buy

1594740679 274 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Like the eufyCam 2 and 2K Pro, the 2C camera keeps it wireless with a built-in rechargeable battery, but has a smaller form factor. This room also includes a built-in spot, which adds the ability to view in color at night. However, the spotlight comes at a cost, as it has only six months of battery life between charges.

1594740679 664 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

eufy Indoor Cam 2K is the most affordable option for HomeKit Secure Video. But don't let the low price fool you; this camera produces high-definition 2K images along with security clips such as two-way audio, motion areas and even local storage via a micro-SD card. The only downside? It is intended for indoor use only.

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • 40 USD per eufy

1594740679 112 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

For just a few dollars more, which offers eufy's low-cost 2K indoor camera, eufy's other indoor camera adds support for panning and tilting. While panning and titration are only available through the eufy Security app, this 360-degree motorized camera can provide a much better view inside the home, and a fantastic tracking function can track around subjects.

  • $ 50 on Amazon

  • $ 50 eufy

1594740679 353 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Eve has been on the HomeKit team for a while, so it's no wonder that her first camera supports HomeKit Secure Video right out of the box. This 1080p camera has a flexible stand that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, as well as allow it to pivot up and down. This support for the interior camera also offers a magnetic base that can be glued to a lot of surfaces without mounting the hardware.

  • $ 150 on Amazon

  • $ 150 on Eve

1594740679 651 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Although built primarily for the European market, ProLine Video Doorbell is the only ringing option for HomeKit today. This industrial-looking ringtone stores videos in iCloud via HomeKit Secure Video and lets you know when visitors arrive via notifications. It even includes a custom name sign that lets your guests know they're home.

$ 760 on Amazon

1594740679 826 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

Robin's latest video ringtone is a smaller version of the original HomeKit compatible and has three different colors. As with the larger model, this European option is eye-opening on the front door with HomeKit Secure Video, using iCloud storage to protect recorded material. Despite its size and lower price, it still manages to include the sly nameplate.

$ 576 on Amazon

1594740679 32 Each security camera with HomeKit Secure video support

The accessible ONVIS C3 security camera supports both local and cloud storage options with a micro-SD slot and HomeKit Secure Video. The C3 is an indoor-only camera, but it's one of the few cameras that offers HDR to go along with 1080p high-definition images. A microphone and on-board speaker for night viewing with two audio and IR complete an impressive list of features for the price.

$ 72 on ONVIS

Video security

Adding a HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera is a great way to keep tabs on what's most important to you. Several rooms are already available on the market, including indoor, outdoor, wireless or cordless, so there is an option for almost everyone.

Logitech’s Circle View is our favorite HomeKit Secure Video camera, thanks to its clear 1080p images, built-in microphone and lightweight configuration, without yet an app to download. The elegant design of this room works great inside, and the weather resistance keeps you at the forefront of action outside the home.

Are you looking for a permanent built-in solution? The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera is a unique option that combines a light bulb with a high-resolution camera. Best because it is designed to replace existing lighting fixtures, it can be powered using electrical wires already installed outside your home.

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