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Eero’s HomeKit-enabled network routers are now available from Apple

Eero's HomeKit-enabled network routers are now available from Apple

eero has announced that its popular line of WiFi networked routers are now available through Apple’s online store in 7 markets around the world. The routers available on include the accessible second generation line of eero, a headlight and a game and are the flagship Pro models.

This is an interesting step towards realizing our vision of bringing eero to more customers and homes around the world, providing them with a secure and reliable network for their smart home. Today’s announcement follows eero support for Apple HomeKit, a key addition to our growing line of smart home integrations.

The eero line offers a wireless wireless networking experience using mesh technology. Eero WiFi systems can cover most homes, up to 6,000 square meters for a Pro 3-node set and can be configured in minutes using just the eero app. Once configured, eero users can subscribe to the eero Secure service which provides ad blocking, secure filters and even access to popular applications such as 1Password.

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The eero line is also the only router option that supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Router feature. The privacy-focused feature allows users to manage which HomeKit smart accessories can connect to the internet and each other through the iOS Home app.

eero routers through Apple are now available in the following markets: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Prices start at $ 100 for a single second-generation unit, with prices up to $ 500 for a package of 3 Tri-Band eero Pro models.