Enabling Apple HomeKit Secure Video: A Guide to Package Detection

Cupertino, October 18, 2023

With package theft becoming more common, security cameras and video doorbells are crucial for home protection. While most security options offer basic features like remote monitoring and recording, Apple's HomeKit Secure Video goes a step further with packet detection. With HomeKit Secure Video Package Detection, you can now know exactly when a package arrives and easily locate it in the recorded events if it goes missing. Here's how you can set up package detection for your HomeKit video doorbells and cameras.

What is HomeKit Secure Video Packet Detection?
Similar to HomeKit Secure Video Face Recognition, the Home App's Package Detection feature analyzes the camera or doorbell feeds to identify any deliveries in view. If a package is detected, Apple's security solution automatically records the event and sends a notification through the Home app if desired. Unlike other packet detection services that rely on cloud processing, HomeKit Secure Video analyzes events locally using an Apple Home Hub. This ensures your privacy is not compromised and allows for more timely notifications.

Although the image analysis occurs locally, recorded events are stored externally in iCloud. Apple's Home app encrypts the video and generates a unique key to ensure that only you or those you share your home with can access it. While packet detection is ideal for video doorbells, it can be enabled for any HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera. This makes Package Detection useful for areas such as your garage or mailbox, where larger packages may be delivered.

HomeKit Secure Video Package Detection: What You Need
To take advantage of Package Detection, you'll need the right combination of hardware, software, and services. Start by ensuring you have a HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera or doorbell. Look for models specifically mentioning HomeKit Secure Video. If you need recommendations, our complete guide to HomeKit Secure Video can help.

Next, install an Apple Home Hub in your household. Options include Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K, HomePod (any generation), and HomePod mini. Additionally, you'll need an active subscription to an iCloud+ plan since HomeKit uses iCloud for video storage. Any level of iCloud+ plan will work. Finally, ensure all your Apple devices have the latest software updates to avoid compatibility issues.

Record Package Detection Events
Once you have the necessary equipment and up-to-date devices, you can enable HomeKit Secure Video Package Detection in the Home app. Follow these steps:

1. Launch the Home app.
2. Tap the "More..." button at the top of your screen.
3. Select the room where your camera is located.
4. Tap the thumbnail of your camera.
5. Tap the "Settings" button.
6. Choose "Recording Options".
7. Tap "More options".
8. Toggle the switch next to "Packets being detected".

When a package detection event occurs, your camera or doorbell will automatically record and save the footage directly to iCloud. If you need assistance with accessing, archiving, or sharing your videos, refer to the guide on managing HomeKit Secure Video recordings in the Home app.

Enable Package Detection Notifications
In addition to logging package detection events, the Home app can notify you when a delivery arrives. Enabling alerts is as simple as a few taps:

1. Launch the Home app.
2. Tap the "More..." button at the top of your screen.
3. Open "Home Settings".
4. Choose "Cameras & Doorbells".
5. Select your camera or doorbell.
6. Toggle the switch next to "Packets being detected".

If you have multiple Apple devices, repeat the above steps on each iPhone, iPad, or Mac to make sure you never miss a notification. This also applies to other household members who want to monitor deliveries through your HomeKit and Matter accessories.

Keep an Eye on Deliveries
With timely alerts and automatic event recording, HomeKit Secure Video Package Detection is an excellent way to monitor your porch. While false positives may occur occasionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that your deliveries are safe.

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