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EU Aqara Hub Finally Available in Europe

EU Aqara Hub Finally Available in Poland, Sweden – Homekit News and Reviews

After almost 12 months of the announcement of the original Aqara HomeKit hub, the Aqara hub version has started to appear, following that the user has uploaded an picture of his own Aqara hub in a Polish tech forum, revealing EU-style electric buttons that demonstrate it is not a Chinese version. At this time we do not understand where he got his unit, but it appears that Poland is not the only location where this specific device has been stocked.

He verified that he was able to place an order for a EU hub with, an online shop in Sweden with the shipping of the hub anticipated in the day. He also approached a Swedish colleague who had hoped to get one from the EU hubs. Other Swedish online stores reported that the hub is available in 2-3 days before ordering.

But the large issue for many individuals right now is the prospective release of Aqara’s next-generation hub–the Aqara M2–who wants to purchase this hub in the understanding that a newer, and obviously more strong device is just around the corner?

We will upload a few pics to update this post as quickly as our friend reaches his hub.