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eufy Smart Lock Touch with the launch of fingerprint recognition next month

eufy Smart Lock Touch with the launch of fingerprint recognition next month

eufy is preparing for another product launch next month, the latest being a smart door lock. Eufy Smart Lock Touch is the company’s first foray into the connected lock market and includes a few notable features, such as fingerprint recognition.

In addition to the fingerprint, which is listed as having 0.3 seconds of scanning, the eufy Smart Lock Touch has a digital keyboard, application access, and an “original key” that we assume is a physical key. The door lock is completely wireless, providing smart home access via Bluetooth and is battery powered, which is rated up to 365 days of use. Rounding out the feature list is an IP65 water resistance grade, a built-in security chip, and automatic locking functionality.

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Details on voice assistance or smart home integration have not yet been provided, otherwise it will work with the eufy Security application that is available for both iOS and Android. The company’s current security accessories, such as its smart cameras and video bells, support Alexa Amazon, Google Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit. We addressed eufy for some clarifications regarding the compatibility of the block and will be updated accordingly.

The Eufy Smart Lock Touch will be available starting May, with a retail price of $ 179.99. eufy also plans to launch 2 indoor rooms, both supporting HomeKit and come at an amazingly low price, each under $ 50. eufy also plans to launch HomeKit Secure Video support for eufyCam 2 and 2C sometime in May.

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