Exciting News: Eve MotionBlinds Matter Update Now Accessible

Cupertino, December 7, 2023

It's been almost two years since Eve became the first company to release its Thread-enabled blinds option (through third-party resellers). Now they're finally releasing the long-awaited update, which adds Matter support, along with a few other new features. Matter update via settings in the Eve app. The blinds meet the basic requirements. A new Matter code is generated. If you have Eve MotionBlinds, you will find the 'Upgrade to Matter' option in the settings of the blinds. Once selected, the app checks that your blinds meet the three basic requirements for the update: that you are up to date with iOS, that you have a working Thread network and that the blinds are connected to Thread. None of these are a given, of course, so it's important to make sure your blinds meet these requirements. As was the case with some of Eve's other devices that got a Matter update, this is a one-way street, so once the update is updated to Matter via Thread, you won't be able to go back to HomeKit via Thread. This also means that the original QR code that came with your sun blinds is no longer valid. Instead, the Eve app generates a brand new Matter QR code for you, which is conveniently stored within the app. Reset option in case of update problems No return path to HomeKit Processing time of 10 minutes The app also warns you that if the upgrade fails, you will have to reset your blinds to try again. It will take a while for the upgraded blinds to appear in the Eve app, and they will obviously need to be added to HomeKit as a new device. So it is advisable to make a note of all the automations you are currently using. Because the update is transferred to the blinds via Thread, the process will take some time – ten minutes according to the Eve app, so it is important not to use the blinds during the update process. What does the upgrade offer? Starting with Matter itself, this means you can now control your blinds with not only Apple Home, but also other platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings, as well as a possible Home Assistant integration. Plus, the blinds come with three separate speed options, so if you're happy with more frequent charging in exchange for faster opening and closing, then there's now an option for you. the latest new feature is something similar to Apple's Adaptive Lighting, called Adaptive Shading. This allows the blinds to open or close depending on the time of day when the sun is strong and tends to stream through your window, prompting the user to close the blinds in response. This can of course be achieved with a light sensor, but with the option built into the app and stored on the device, it means one less device to use. It also lets you set things like the angle of your windows relative to the sun, based on your location, and even add an offset. Ingeniously, the app has a feature that lets you configure Adaptive Shading while you press the edge of your iPhone against the window, using a combination of location and compass data to determine your location and position relative to the sun. This update should also be available for the separate MotionBlinds kit which will allow you to have this technology in your own existing blinds, saving money. You can check out our written review of the Eve MotionBlinds and watch the video below;

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