2021 Smart Home Guide: Nanoleaf Lines, Hue Go and more

Cupertino, December 8, 2021

With another year of working from home in the background and another on the horizon, refreshing your space with smart home technology is a great way to liven up your space. Today, we're bringing together some of our favorite accessories, which would be great gifts this holiday season, from modular multicolor lighting sets to portable lamps and everything in between. With the top selections of the Nanoleaf and Philips Hue Go lines alongside some more nostalgic deals, all of our top picks from this year's smart home gift guide are below.

Nanoleaf Lines steals the show for 2021

It seems that every year, some of Nanoleaf's smart home lighting steals a show. It is a trend that I am happy to keep alive until 2021, with its new Lines launches, which make the perfect gift this holiday season.

Launched last month after being announced in October, the company's latest version of modular smart lighting comes with a unique design. You can still customize the look to your setup, as we've seen in the past, but now the new Nanoleaf lines offer ambient light splashing on the wall with the same Siri, Alexa and Box Assistant support.


A starter set will run $ 200 right now directly from Nanoleaf, with long delivery time before Christmas. If you're not yet sold out for these new lights, our hands-on review gives you a pretty in-depth look at what to expect.

Philips Hue Go

I would be careless not to continue the Nanoleaf lines with another of my favorite smart home accessories. On the equally popular side of things with Philips Hue, the latest Hue Go is an easy recommendation for anyone. Whether the person on your list is a smart home enthusiast who has already invested in the Hue ecosystem or is a beginner, this portable lamp is ready to go.

This battery-powered lamp has colorful lighting capabilities, allowing you to set your mood with Siri, Alexa or Assistant. Of course, it is compatible with the wider Hue range thanks to Zigbee integration, although there is Bluetooth on board for those just starting out. Entering $ 80, Philips Hue Go remains one of my favorite smart home accessories, period. It is perfect for adding a splash of color to the shelves and is also useful in the event of a power outage, to have extra light around.

Filament bulbs are another top choice for the smart home user

While not as bright as some of the multi-colored offerings you can have in an existing configuration, equipping your lamps with smart filament bulbs is a fairly new way to blend the look of your space. highlight the internal LED wiring that looks like an old Edison style lamp. Our favorite option in a crowded market should be the Philips Hue options. Offering all the same connectivity benefits as the Philips Hue Go above, these filament bulbs work alone or with the brand's bridge.

Available in all shapes and sizes, everything from standard A19 bulbs to Edison-style candle lights and more. Each begins at $ 25 through Amazon and it will take a long time to finish under the tree. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

Pair a lava lamp with a smart socket for a retro upgrade

Largely in the same spirit of mixing your space, I personally took a more unique approach to my smart home in 2021. Fully embracing the feeling of old is new again, bringing a lava lamp into your space with a The smart voice control jack is as much fun as upgrading the HomeKit as I found it.

If you want to recreate the same nostalgic smart home update for yourself or someone on your list, get one of these lava lamps from Amazon and then check out the summary of the best smart outlets. As a starting point, $ 13 Wemo Smart Plug is, frankly, hard to beat, no matter what ecosystem someone is in, given that it works with Siri, Alexa and Assistant right out of the box.

Or check out Amazon's list of the best-selling smart home gadgets for other inspirational gifts.

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