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3 new Eve HomeKit devices get Thread support

3 new Eve HomeKit devices get Thread support

3 new Eve HomeKit devices get Thread support

Last month, Eve shared an in-depth look at how Thread works and why it could be the future of smart home devices. Now, the HomeKit-only device maker has announced three new products that are being updated to include useful Apple Thread connectivity.

Update 27/04: After a short delay from the initial release date, the new Eve Energy smart plug with Thread is now available. Meanwhile, the new Apple TV 4K is another option to take over a Thread-enabled HomeKit hub.

Eve first launched Thread support with its Door & Window sensor last fall and last month teased that many of its products will receive Thread functionality. One of the great advantages of Thread would be to see “No Answer” for HomeKit devices much less due to the improved power and autonomy.

The latest three Eve HomeKit smart devices to get Thread will be the Eve Energy, Eve Weather and Eve Aqua smart socket. This brings a total of eight Eve HomeKit devices with Thread support that previously came to two Eve European European outlets, the Eve Light Switch and Eve Thermo. Eve now announces that it has “the largest portfolio of devices compatible with Thread technology for consumers”.

Remember, Apple HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K 2021 are the first HomeKit hubs to support Thread – anyway for now.

Eve Energy

For Eve Energy, this will be a new model that will support Thread. In particular, the company points out that this can act as a Thread router because it is always powered, which can improve your Thread network throughout the house. Along with HomeKit, Siri, and Eve Energy Smart Socket Automation Control, it also lets you see how much power your devices use.

“Smart, stylish and of proven quality, a Thread-enabled Eve Energy is the ultimate accessory for the HomePod mini,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. “A coat of Eve Energy, added to your home in seconds, will cover an ultra-robust, ultra-responsive and ultra-efficient mesh network throughout the house – without the need for a bridge.”

The new Eve Energy with Thread is now available in the US at a price of $ 39.95 (also coming to the UK). In addition to the direct purchase from Eve, the new smart connector + power meter will be available soon from Amazon.

Eve Weather

eve weather lifestyle 07 fahrenheit copy

The extremely popular Eve Weather wireless station allows users to track outside temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and provides rich current and past climate data. Because it is battery powered, the new Eve Weather will have support to act as a Thread node.

The next generation Eve Weather is now available from $ 69.95.

Eve Aqua

na eve aqua lifestyle 03 copy

Finally, the smart water controller Eve Aqua HomeKit (second generation) for outdoor peaks wins and Thread. But it will be through a firmware update this spring. Eve notes that Thread support for this device, in particular, is handy because, depending on the distance between Eve Aqua and the WiFi router, some users may have trouble connecting to a Home Hub HomeKit.

With Thread support, this challenge is mitigated by the ability of Thread to transmit much more power and extended range by placing a router-compatible Thread device, such as Eve Energy (4th generation), between Eve Aqua and HomePod mini.

The second generation Eve Aqua is now available for $ 99.95.

Read more about the benefits of Thread here.

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