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5 great alternatives to Philips Hue smart lighting

5 great alternatives to Philips Hue smart lighting

The convenience of being able to control the lighting in your home is undoubtedly a cool feature. When it comes to smart home lighting, many people think of Philips Hue – rightly so, because the brand offers a wide selection of smart lighting solutions.

However, investing in smart lighting for your home can become expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of great Philips Hue alternatives to consider when upgrading your home to smart lighting.

1. Lifx

White A19 Lifx Wi-Fi smart bulb displayed next to the product box

Probably one of the best alternatives to Philips Hue smart lighting is Lifx. To operate Lifx smart lights, you don’t have to invest in a hub. This means you can buy any of the company’s light bulbs and start lighting your home right away.

There is a range of standard bulbs available, including BR30, E12, E26 and GU10. In terms of brightness, the Lifx White smart bulb provides 650 lumens at 8.5 W – enough for most hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. In comparison, the Philips Hue White smart bulb has 1,100 lumens, using 10.5 watts. While Philips Hue provides a brighter light, most homes would not require this.

Lifx smart bulbs are impressively customizable. You can choose from over 16 million colors through your smartphone app, or you can adjust your favorite white temperature for an ambient setting. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, Lifx smart lighting feels effortless.

From complicated programs to individual mood settings, you can capture individual light settings through the Lifx app. Did you forget to turn off the lights before going to work or on vacation? No problem. Lifx allows you to turn on and off smart lights with a flick of your finger.

2. Kasa

    Kasa smart light bulb, WiFi LED bulb with variable adjustment, compatible with Alexa and Google Home

From smart light strips to multicolored Wi-Fi bulbs, Kasa smart lighting allows you to create the perfect atmosphere around your home. At half the price of similar offers from Philips Hue, the Kasa Smart bulb boasts one of the most large color temperature ranges for white settings – between 2500K-6500K. for comparison, the maximum color temperature of the Philips Hue White bulb is 2700K.

This feature blends seamlessly with Kasa’s Auto White functionality, which adjusts the color temperature of smart light to complement natural light patterns. Combine this with Kasa on / off programming, you can save time and money using smart home lighting.

Similar to Lifx smart bulbs, Kasa bulbs can be controlled from anywhere using the Kasa Smart app, without the need for a hub. Kasa bulbs are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to initiate voice commands easily.

You can group smart lights into custom categories, or control them separately. With over 16 million colors, it’s easy to decorate your interior lighting to suit your mood or environment.

3. Call

smart lighting ring smart bulb

If you are already invested in Smart Ring products, connecting Ring Smart Lighting is an easy choice.

Unlike Lifx and Kasa smart lighting solutions, Ring lights must be connected to the Ring Bridge. Once connected, you can control the Ring lights in the Ring app, allowing you to set the bulbs to react to motion sensors or cameras in your home.

While Ring lighting has many useful smart features, such as programming and grouping, probably the best functionality is the ability to connect them to your existing Ring system as a security measure. From path and projector lights to spotlights and step lights, when someone rings your Ring bell, you can illuminate the outside or inside of your home.

The Ring A19 smart LED bulb can be used indoors and outdoors, provided that sufficient rain cover is provided. With 800 lumens and a color temperature of up to 3500K, Smart Ring Lighting is a great investment if you are looking for an alternative to Philips Hue. It also works with Amazon Alexa, offering a lot of ways to control your smart lighting.


smart lighting ikea remote control

IKEA Home Smart is a smart home solution that allows you to control your smart products in one place. Using the IKEA Home smart remote control, you can turn your lights on and off, reduce the lights and even change the colors.

In addition, you can connect to the IKEA Home smart app, which lets you manage all your smart products in one place. Connect the TRÅDFRI gateway to your router to unlock a variety of features, including voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

IKEA smart lighting allows you to customize all the rooms in your home, from children’s play areas to cabinet lights, kitchen light strips to LED panels. Although more accessories are needed for dedicated IKEA products, smart lighting rivals Philips Hue, offering a versatile range for every budget.

The Trådfri remote control can program and change up to 10 LED bulbs at any time and can be connected to the application to create multiple groups. Set your lights to come on when you get home or schedule IKEA’s smart lighting to dim in the evening.

5. Sengled

smart lighting smart sengled bulb

Control your smart lights with or without a hub. Sengled makes it easy for everyone to modernize their homes using the existing Wi-Fi network at home. It’s a truly effortless process, with plenty of smart lighting to choose from, including daytime running lights and TV light strips.

In addition, if you already have a smart hub like the Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Echo, you can take advantage of Sengled’s smart lighting without splashing more money.

Using the Sengled Home app, you can adjust the lighting in your home to suit your mood, environment or time of day. You can set up programs through the app, which can be changed at the touch of a finger, making sure your home is well lit when you return from work.

Sengled smart lighting definitely has a familiar atmosphere. You can set different scenes, represented by icons in the application. Here you can adjust several smart bulbs to make sure the brightness, color and color temperature are suitable for play time, dinner time, sleep and more

Light your own path

Philips Hue smart lighting may be the brand that consumers flock to due to familiarity, but there are plenty of Philips Hue alternatives.

From fancy colors to smart sensors, smart lighting can transform the feel of your home in an instant. And most of the time, you don’t have to spend more on a hub to get started.

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