8 Brilliant New Gadgets That'll Make Perfect Gifts This Year

Cupertino, October 14, 2019

It's time to think about gifts for your friends, family and maybe even for yourself. It can be difficult to find the coolest new products, but we have the perfect place to start. These incredibly unique, fun and useful devices make great gifts, but could also be the solution you're looking for at home. Find out how each of these products works and what makes them so cool below.

This futuristic desk lamp may seem simple, but behind its minimalist design hides a host of smart features specifically tailored to Apple users.

With HomeKit, you can adjust the brightness of the LEDs using voice commands. LEDs are designed to produce no blue light, so they are much easier to watch at night. And you can even split the lamp into two parts if you need a fast flashlight to carry it in the darkest areas.

The lamp can also automatically adjust according to the motion sensors and will eventually turn off if left for long enough. Get it here.

Chipolo trackers are designed to help you find important everyday valuables like your wallet, keys or phone. It's a small disc, not much bigger than a guitar mediator, that you can slip into a case or wallet, or tie to your keychain.

It uses a Bluetooth form with low power consumption, which can transmit its location to the application that accompanies it. The application also includes options to inform other users that you have lost something or give voice commands to check the location. Get them here.

Bluetooth music is great, but it can be distressing to manipulate tiny controls for your headset or smartphone, especially when you're snowboarding, cooking or half asleep.

This "chubby" button plugs into your wrist and offers several large buttons to control your playlists, including pausing, switching songs and adjusting the volume. Its battery can last for months, and you can even stick it to nearby surfaces for convenient access (like a bathroom mirror). It's a great gift for exercise enthusiasts, older music lovers and more. Get it here.

This pen set is an amazing gift - and complete - for all children (or adults) who like to draw or scribble in your life. It uses a combination of bioplastics, peripherals and, of course, a high-tech pen that allows users to literally scribble 3D objects ... much like a 3D printer. It is an incredible tool for the imagination and safe for children. Get it here.

Need a backpack for your travels or to get around the campus? We bet you've never seen one like this: the Pix has a built-in LED screen that you can customize with all kinds of patterns, images and signs in your color scheme. choice. You can use the application loaded with a group of emoticons and GIFs, or create your own designs. This is a great way to make a statement and indicate your presence at night.

The outside is water-resistant and the inside of the backpack includes ten different compartments for about 27 liters of combined space, including room for a 15-inch laptop . Get it here.

Air purifiers remove pollen, smoke, dander and various indoor pollutants, resulting in cooler air that is much better for the lungs and sinuses. Diffusers disperse a fragrance in the air by atomizing water, mixing it with scented oil and sending it. This device does both, and it's small enough to be used everywhere, car included!

There are four airflow modes with three-stage filtration. The device can be charged with a USB port from several sources, including laptops. Get it here.

Are you specifically looking for an ideal Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor area such as a patio, deck or picnic? This loudspeaker is specially designed to work outdoors with a torch-like torch-like LED light and a 2000 mAh battery providing 6 hours of music.

As you might expect, it's dust and dustproof and can connect to your mobile device up to 30 feet away. Get it here.

This safety starter kit allows you to quickly set up an intelligent security system for your home. It includes a security camera for surveillance that you can access at any time since the application (including night vision), with a two-way speaker that allows you to communicate with anyone from the other side.

There is also an integrated siren to scare people (if necessary). The kit also includes a motion sensor and contact sensor that you can configure at your home key access points, as well as anything you may need to install them. Get the system here.

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