8 Home automation systems that will actually make your life better

Cupertino, September 17, 2019

The best smart devices do not just have connected devices. To be really useful, large, intelligent automation systems really have to automate a process at home with little or no human intervention.

  • Is a smart home expensive? It depends on the system and the products. Although many new and innovative technologies may be expensive, their price will decline over time.
  • What is the best smart home system? There are many to choose from; including Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit and more; but it depends on the devices you use and their compatibility.
  • Where can I find the latest smart devices? From truly innovative hardware to the latest Echo hardware, to everything else, our smart home gadget category has it all.

The popularity of smart gadgets for the home is a simple fact: they make life easier. From vacuuming our floors to feeding our dogs, we have a huge amount of power coming from our smartphones.

However, many smart devices go even further. They are connected like other smart devices, but they use technology and intelligence to reduce gaps and perform tasks automatically. These eight home automation systems will really improve your life by thinking and doing for you.

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror

A cup of coffee at the first hour might do it for some people, but the Ayi Smart Mirror is for everyone. Utilizing the power of AI, this mirror analyzes your daily schedule to help you get ready for the day. Ayi also listens for voice commands to manage your other smart devices. You can even create an IFTTT automation so that a single command can trigger various actions. Do not forget that it's all before you even leave the bathroom in the morning.

Teptron MOVE 2 smart motorized blinds

As humans, we are very sensitive to light, especially the sun. So, when you want to have fun all day on Netflix but raw rays blind you, Teptron MOVE 2 is here to help you save the day. With the help of a remote control, you can close and open these blinds at your leisure. If you really want to evolve, MOVE 2 can detect the temperature and the sun to automatically block the light according to your needs.

Tucker Auto-Mation Automatic Swing Door

Tucker's Auto-Mation swing door has many applications. For people with disabilities, this is an invaluable technology. Even if your hands are full, it can make your life easier. This smart door detects your approach and will open automatically back and forth. Impressively, it can even lock and unlock doors on its own.

Satechi Dual Smart HomeKit Outlet

One of the issues with transitioning to a smart home is having to leave behind non-smart devices. The Dual Smart HomeKit Outlet is here to turn these devices into smart devices. Plugging into a standard socket, this jack provides two plugs to plug anything from lamps to clocks. Then, with the help of HomeKit, you can manage, access and control each of these devices remotely.

Smart Remote X All-In-One Controller Sevenhugs

Good then technically speaking, this one does not have a lot of automation. And that involves raising a finger. But, the Smart Remote X almost turns you into an omniscient god. By connecting all your smart devices to a remote, just press a button to manage them all. In addition, you can create custom scenes that offer a complete transformation at the touch of a button.

Samsung SmartThings Hub Smart Home Controller

If you already have many smart devices, the SmartThings hub is here to bridge the gap. This automation controller from Samsung works as a hub for more than 40 different brands. With this software, you can manage your entire smart device library, as well as the Good Morning, Goodbye and Goodnight routines, by automating all the processes you need.

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Samsung SmartThings Hub in White

Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan

You know what would be great? A fan that turns on automatically when it detects that the room is getting a little too hot. Guess what? Haiku of Big Ass Fans does it already. Connecting via Wi-Fi, it uses SenseME technology and an integrated thermostat to keep your room at the optimal temperature. If you really want to intervene, you can control the device remotely with the help of the application.

Belkin Wemo Smart Light Switch 3-Way Wi-Fi Switch

And Belkin says: Let there be light! Well, the switch Wemo Smart Light. With a simple touch, you can fully control the lights in your home. Or, you can use the application if you are not next to the switch. Or, if you really feel divine, you can only use your voice. You can even create lighting calendars so the lights are always on whenever you want.

Do you have smart home appliances that you really like? Let us know in the comments!

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