A Guide to Smart Garage Gadgets

Cupertino, September 10, 2019

Whether you use your garage to house your cars, for general storage or for a combination of both, it will always be a storage place for valuable goods. The easiest way to keep the space organized, easily accessible and secure is to use some sophisticated devices. Whether it's about remote security and opening doors, storing bike storage and charging stations, these are the latest smart garage appliances on the market.

ismartgate PRO


The ismartgate PRO makes the opening of manual garage doors and push button obsolete. This sophisticated system is associated with most smart home devices such as Apple Homekit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri or Alexa. So, all you have to do is ask him to open or close up to three garage doors from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Apple Watch using the application provided, and it will comply . Set alerts for opening or closing the door, manage the temperature inside your garage or integrate a system of cameras recording up to seven days of activity. You are covered on all fronts.

The ismartgate PRO is available for $ 179.

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Iotty Smart Switch

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With the Iotty Smart Switch, you can make the lighting of your garage instantly smarter. Available in single, double or triple configuration, this device replaces your current switch. It is covered with a tempered glass plate with a dimmable backlight that illuminates the wall behind you so you can easily turn on the light when it's dark. Connected via Wi-Fi and an application, the Iotty gives you the remote control to program your lighting at different times of the day or even depending on the weather. It can also monitor power consumption and keep your lights on in the off mode, activating them at random intervals so that no one knows you're not at home. It will send you alerts when the lights are on or off. Security made simple.

The Iotty Smart Switch is available for $ 78.

Google Nest Secure Alarm System

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Protecting this valuable cargo is a top priority and the Google Nest secure alarm system will secure your garage.Using theInstall the application from anywhere, or by asking Google Assistant, you can enable or disable the alarm and receive alerts if you forget to activate it. Two Nest Detect sensors monitor the movement: paste it on a window so it knows when it's open or closed; stick it on a wall and feel the movement, or fix it to a door. It monitors both and keeps you informed by sending alerts in real time. You can also enable and disable motion detection via the application. If the alarm goes off, you receive a security alert on your phone and then check the app to see what triggered it.

Nest Nest's secure alarm system is available for $ 400.

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Juicebox Pro 40 Charging Station for Smart Electric Cars

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Juice box

If you drive an electric car, what's more convenient than refueling in the comfort of your own garage? The JuiceBox ice 40 Pro 40 ZElectric Car smart charging station makes home charging affordable, reliable and economical. Built on the J1772 universal charging standard, JuiceBox is a level 2 charging station that can power any electric vehicle on the market (including Teslas with an adapter). In fact, this very powerful system charges up to seven times faster than the level 1 stations that come with most standard electric vehicles. It is also compatible with applications via Wi-Fi for remote monitoring and control. You can set up a daily charging routine, ask him by voice command to remind you to connect and receive notifications when your car is fully charged.

The JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Home Charging Station for Electric Cars is available for $ 549.

GarageSmart Multi-Bike Lift

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The trick with bikes is that there is never a place to store them at home, until now. Meet the GarageSmart Multi-Bike Lift it blocks your wheels by lifting them up. The device synchronizes your smartphone with the lifter via Bluetooth so you can raise or lower your items wherever you are using the application provided. You will be able to see the weight you are lifting now and even vary the speed at which you ride or lower your bikes. The internal lock secures your outlets, so they do not slip and keep them safe when you're ready to drive. The rugged system can lift up to 100 pounds and hold up to three bikes at a time.

The GarageSmart Multi-Bike Lift is available for $ 349.

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LiftMaster 821LMB Concentrator myQ Smart Garage

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Mastering your domain is easy with the myQ Smart Garage LiftMaster 821LMB hub, whichputs all your garage orders in a smart system. Enabled via Wi-Fi and the myQ app, the device allows you to operate your garage doors and lights from anywhere. You can create predefined schedules or times for closing the door or turning on or off the lights each day. You'll receive real-time alerts and even enable secure delivery to the garage for Amazon Prime packages.

MyQ Smart Garage LiftMaster 821LMB hub is available for $ 50.

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