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A must-have for Apple users

A must-have for Apple users


Circle View

Ringtones are obviously not hard to find. Between Google’s Nest, Amazon’s Ring, Eufy, Arlo, August etc.

They are quite easy to buy. However, in the service of using it with Apple’s Homekit platform, no one will do the job.

For the longest time, the best option was to use difficult Homebridge solutions to join and incorporate unsupported home devices into the application. This problem did not last. Last year, HomeKit compatible video ringtones were introduced.

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There are two of these ringtones. One is $ 199.99 Circle View, and the next is $ 299.99 Netatmo Smart video.

There is no battery option for Ring Circle View, so you will need the old low voltage bell with about 8-24 volts AC. You can do this or run the cable from a wall socket of the AC adapter (not included). As long as you have this and the accessories needed for it to work, it will support your current ringing bells.

Configuration and installation are quite simple. Using the Apple Home app, you can scan the back barcode with your iPhone by adding it to virtual house. At this point, you can install it on your door. On average, this can be done in 15 minutes.

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However, if you prefer to leave a professional, HelloTech and Logitech have teamed up to send people to your home to integrate the ringtone for you. This is a $ 100 service, along with the price of the bell and integration. Due to any existing door sound, you may most likely already have the wiring installed.

Without an internal battery, Circle View than your typical Doorbell 3 Video Ring and has a larger size than Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Nest Hallo. The bottom half of the bell is, of course, the button to ring it, while the top half is the camera with a vertical view facing outwards. However, not exactly enough to see directly in the lower parts.

It is also worth mentioning that Circle View only comes in a modern, black design. Faceplates are not interchangeable like many other companies. Minor details, but also good to know for those looking for something to match the color palette of their home.

Bottom line, Circle view helps you like many other video ringtones. When someone rings the front door, there is another notification on your phone, allowing the user to preview who is visiting live.

This includes, of course, a two-way speaker that helps you communicate with the visitor as well. The feed itself is a 160 degree view so that the householder can view the visitor from head to toe.

Circle View also comes with added features such as an internal night light designed to glow automatically when used in the dark. Logitech calls this feature “color night vision.”

Another addition that makes the Circle view unique is Apple’s HomeKit platform support. Everything you need about Circle View can be done on your iPhone, iPad or Mac with the Home app developed by Apple. Another option is Homepod or Homepod mini.

It’s important to know that HomeKit Secure Video needs a 200 GB iCloud subscription per month. It gives you up to 10 days of encrypted camera clips from that time. The plan accepts only one room at a time. You’ll have to pay extra for a 2 TB plan for up to five if you have multiple HomeKit Secure camcorders.

In the Home application, you can use it to view camera streams and past recorded timelines. Choose when to record, recognize your face, turn night light on or off, and select areas for motion detection from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device.

Limitations include the lack of customizable bells. Motion detection captures everything, not just cars or people, which means that the sensitivity area is not adjustable. And the most notable limitation is the lack of support. Only Apple devices and platforms can match Circle View ringtones. Amazon Alexa or Google Home will not work with this ringtone model.

All things considered, Logitech’s Circle View is not much different from Apple’s ringtone products. The basics are done very well and quickly. The camera is very detailed and clear, including audio. If limitations don’t seem to be an issue, then Logitech is a great logical choice.

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