Add Censorship and Pin Controls for Rooms - Especially in Multi Generation Houses.

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

Please think about this, can we add Restrictions to selected rooms for shared Family Accounts. We added some security cameras to the house and my parents forgot to turn off the camera…They got recorded 🍆 🍑 It was played on the Home Screen, when we were looking through the recordings. It was available to be viewed by the whole family. I told them to close the camera but they forgot. They asked if there was a way to restrict access for there room to prevent that from happening again. That got me thinking…couldn’t Apple program something to censor that? They have Face ID and Face Recognition…could the computer recognize that you are in your birthday suit and blur you in the recording? Or maybe add locks and pins to certain rooms so other family members don’t have access to certain devices. Say the kids shouldn’t have access to the devices in mom and dads room. Or say a guest, they could have guest access but not the stuff for the main house. I know Amazon and Google have those as options for adding pins and locking rooms…why wouldn’t Apple? Then for the interest of transparency if a person is in a home with Apple HomeKit Enabled. Notify them if they have been recorded in a room that was locked. Or even send them a copy of the video of them being recorded in said room. Say to prevent people from hiding cameras to record inappropriate videos. The stuff like lights, plugs and TVs could also be locked down. As my profile shouldn’t be available on all three Apple TV’s in the house. I feel like there should be a pin restricting my profile from others. Just some thoughts please look in to it…I’ll post this on Reddit and the Apple Community Pages to see if others agree. Maybe this could be added in 15.1.0 or 16.0? What do y’all think?

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