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Add HomeKit to the Chamberlain Non MyQ garage door opener

I’m trying to add HomeKit to my new garage door. I have a few options, but I’m trying to limit the equipment to the internet.

Option 1: Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub (MyQ) + Chamberlain Home Bridge

One device adds the MyQ service, and the other adds the HomeKit. It offers 2 internet connected devices to make my door work. I do not object to using the MyQ device only with HomeBridge, as I did in previous homes.

Option 2 (Can anyone validate?):
Liftmaster 889LM wall control, which seems to add non-wifi MyQ compatibility. Then I could install Bridge Bridge myself and connect it to the MyQ control panel. It offers a single device connected to the internet.

I think I prefer option 2, but I can’t verify that it works as I imagine.

Option 3: I could only use a new WiFi / MyQ opener program and use HomeBridge.