AIPhone Apartment Video / Audio Intercom

Cupertino, December 27, 2021

Hello everyone, Sorry for the long post ... hold on to your hat * craps knuckles * Without boring everyone with an extended context, I live in an 80-unit apartment block with AIPhone as a control system of access for communal door, elevator (s) etc. The system has audio, video and access control as variables. Like most apartment intercom systems, there is two-way audio to communicate with people in the lobby, as well as access control to allow people access. Inside each unit, there is a [AIPhone GT-1C]( and I can't change the communal station located in the lobby or place anything in that area. I did a bit of research on this before I posted this, and the consensus for completing the access control circuit and letting people in is to use a Shelly1 and a homebridge that. This is kind of a task, but I don't think Shelly1 is the answer for me here, because from what I've seen in those posts, Shelly1 is used primarily for those who just get a buzz on the intercom and let people down like that; is used primarily to complete a circuit. What I'm looking for in particular is a way to stream video and audio received from the common station in the lobby (as well as send audio back to it so I can communicate with the people in the lobby who buzzed) using the homebridge ... here I can't find much about ... obviously I didn't mention access control here, but it would be an integral part of my solution. From what I was able to identify on the GT-1C in my unit, there are four input wires from what appears to be an old cable (which I suspect) as much as 5 twisted pair cable with 2 of the 4 pairs. , unused. I assume that two would be positive and negative power, and the other two assume that they would be video and audio; there is no common building Wi-Fi or other transmission method to find, so I guess everything that comes in the GT-1C is all I have to look at. I own two units in the building and I worked for others in the building, so I can confirm that the configuration of the GT-1C units in each apartment is the same, so they don't have an apartment-specific configuration.

[ Back of GT1-C unit ]( Some private , near private units. ffempeg to send a GIF for the video, but unfortunately I can't use this method because I can't place anything in that area because it's the property of body corp / management. I hope there could be something to capture video and audio from this cable and possibly transmit a raspberry pi drive to the wall? I can run the POE power supply where it is, so I can run something from the POE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. Thank you in advance!!

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