Air conditioning controller with ducted area

Cupertino, October 7, 2021

Air conditioning controller with ducted area

I'm looking to install an air conditioner with ducts all over my place. The plumber tries to push [Airtouch 4]( as a smart control solution, however it does not support HomeKit. Does anyone know of anything similar on the market that works with HomeKit? Sensibo and Ecobee are 2 potentials I've encountered, but it's vague if they would work to control different areas, such as [Mitsubishi ducted solutions]( -8% 27% 27Ducted-Brochure-2020.pdf & -content response-type = application% 2Fpdf & AMZ-x-security-token = IQoJb3JpZ2luX2VjEBMaCXVzLXdlc3QtMiJGMEQCID4cWFX% 2BmXq7VNAg7X9bOhFRApasckjiXVYALKIo4AM5AiAIGpZzNbvdNQH3LMiXKp1q6qdlDioFhPa% 2FNXPggopbACq4AgiM% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F% 2F8BEAAaDDUzMjMzNjU3OTExMCIM9uSIXuGVjY% 2BAGXQ9KowCPH8KTx83TvTe9AT1q6GCxUTrME2oTt6J89vbCceiFA1gxWMCpA1u43AUx8m8vxU% 2BlYU0ocERPF9VoLgmJVEhaoMUwojnNVrL83zTNeujg3J3D4K3XFHGiplFB7o6UsQAEE% 2BijOslNRMGITVljKWpeSwDV7vd52JP5vgMGuxSJmQvRwezIZDzP5GsU% 2BHPz1NLD5IfUmb7FENNqfwcAqvn1r0wgMSxGW% 2Fo74VPnHWzIrOWsk7siP0OvtfVHqVbs% 2BnS9JIqXR0la1qsXcZURHZgNzfj5Ba% 2FqV3nWPaTX5xHS% 2Flz73mR1EyzaXtPdVmxj4YSB1kdGTKSnVCBJ6FphShcwTynVe7SfSAvZkntgjD% 2FlfuKBjqbAaq8L6xQulWEuOHLHEOes 0DQ7RNOGEWJHETR5TOW4Y9h1fC8iFnpn wywnFjR8vt24Piye0UlgSQuxHAq7WQzEIk% 2Fk6Wdw1tfTXhDWFqR8DIuVQE91GbR5RTPIt3xqF5X7 But eager to know how to make the modern AC the smartest!

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