Airport Express and Homekit behavior change (volume via Siri)

Cupertino, January 31, 2021

I pulled my hair out trying to solve this problem - has anyone seen anything similar? * Airport Expresses - with firmware 7.8.1 to support Airplay 2 * Worked flawlessly for over a year * Volume issue: I have an original Homepod and Airport Express setup in Homekit in the "kitchen" room * I could say "Hey Siri - set the volume in the kitchen to 40% "* both the homepod and APExpress would change together to 40% * In the last month, something has changed - any change in the room no longer adjusts APExpresses * Siri no longer will adjust "Kitchen speakers" (APExpress) independently * "Sorry, a problem has occurred" * I can adjust them independently in the home application, iOS 14.3, but not together * I can adjust them independently in iTunes - when i select to control HomePod, for example, but does not control both simultaneously (before) * I can adjust them together or independently via "Control other speakers and TVs" in the iOS control center, iOS 14.3 I tried: * deleting / re-adding them (APExpresses ) in the Home application and bu * climbed restarted the 4 ATVs designated as homekit hubs - * often * * restarted APExpresses, Homepod, router, switches - * often * * AP Expresses are all connected directly to the wired network rough * I have no vlans or other fancy network setup * I have both wireless 2g and 5g enabled - and I found some seemingly unrelated issues with Airplay 2 in my research * FYI, I added a new HomePod mini to the mix last month - which share the time interval of this new issue * FYI, my version for MacOS is a bit old (10.14.6) and I realized that the Home application does not support everything that the iOS Home application supports * I use both the desktop and the mobile application for configuration / configuration / control * FYI, my next step is to disable the Homekit hub service on all ATVs except one ATV *, then restart everything. Anyone else seen this? Thanks!!

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