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Amazon Day Sale offers up to a 31% discount on Meross HomeKit devices

Amazon Day Sale offers up to a 31% discount on Meross HomeKit devices

Amazon Day Sale offers up to a 31% discount on Meross HomeKit devices

As more and more of our devices become smarter, certain things we use on a daily basis begin to stand out and seem even more stupid if they are not yet integrated into our HomeKit settings. Meross offers a range of HomeKit accessories to understand stupid devices, and a bunch of the most popular products are on sale at Amazon, with prices starting at just $ 17.

Offers are only good for today or while stocks last, so don’t wait to place your order. If you’re more in love with Alexa or Google Assistant, most devices also support those platforms, plus there are a few extra elements in the mix that don’t have HomeKit compatibility.

Buy smart

Meross smart homes for sale

Bring stupid devices like garage door or exterior lights to your Alexa smart home, Google Assistant or HomeKit with this one-day sale. Popular items from Meross are very low for today, which means you can upgrade your equipment for less.

From $ 17

An excellent pickup for almost all HomeKit users would be the Meross Smart Plug Mini. You can screw in a pack of 4 of these sockets for only $ 30, a 25% discount.

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Meross plugs offer all the essentials of the HomeKit socket in a compact package, at an affordable price. According to our review, they are easy to set up, respond quickly and provide a reliable connection.

Also on sale includes the HomeKit-compatible Meross light switch for just $ 16.79. This is a 20% discount on its retail price, which makes it a very affordable way to turn on your lighting, rather than replacing all the bulbs with smart alternatives.

You can use this switch to control your lights using the Home application or to control them by voice using Siri. You can also set custom schedules, work lights in your scenes, or set up automation to start and stop things based on other conditions.

Other items on sale, such as the Meross smart outdoor plug and the 3-way switch, are also available with HomeKit support. There are also a number of Alexa and Google Assistant compatible devices on sale.

Amazon offers free delivery for orders totaling $ 25 or more, although you may receive your order even faster with an Amazon Prime subscription. If you have never been a Prime member, you can start a free 30-day trial period today to get a free two-day delivery on this order. You’ll also get access to all the benefits of Prime in this process, from Prime Video streaming service to exclusive member discounts and more.

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