Amazon launches Fire TV home dashboard, wireless HDMI eARC audio for Stick 4K Max

Cupertino, December 9, 2021
Amazon's latest update brings AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to its Omni and 4-Series Fire TVs, a home dashboard to Fire TV devices, HDMI eARC-based wireless audio capabilities to Stick 4K Max, and more.

Fire TV updates

Fire TV Stick 4K Max now lets you beam TV sound, and sound from your TV's connected HDMI devices like consoles, wirelessly to Amazon Echo speakers and a sub. It works by connecting Stick 4K Max to your TV'ets HDMI eARC port and setting the TV to output all audio via HDMI eARC. This type of HDMI eARC functionality in media players first came to Apple TV 4K 2021 (where it is also limited to Apple's own HomePod speakers) and later to Amazon's Omni and 4-series Fire TVs. The new update enables Fire TV Stick 4K Max to do the same. Compatible speakers are: Amazon Echo (3rd and 4th Gen), Echo Plus (2nd Gen), Echo Dot (4th Gen), Echo Studio, and Echo Sub. Check the table below for set-up instructions.