Amazon Smart Thermostat Review: Steals it for $ 60

Cupertino, November 12, 2021

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon's $ 60 smart thermostat sets a new standard for the category. It has a clean, modern touch design and is easy to use, whether you adjust the temperature on the thermostat, through the Alexa application or with Alexa voice commands. You need a compatible smart speaker or display for the voice control part, though. More on that later.

Amazon Smart Thermostat is also the least expensive smart thermostat I've ever tested. Even Wyze thermostat it costs more, and this brand is known for its low-priced homemade products.

It doesn't work with this model Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit - and requires either a C cable or a C wire adapter to operate. For this reason, Amazon sells two different product packages, the standard Model 60 USD only with the thermostat and a $ 75 version which comes with a C-wire adapter.

For $ 60, Amazon Smart Thermostat, winner of the CNET Editors' Choice Award, offers the absolute best value of any smart thermostat today. It looks nice, works well and offers a variety of smart features through the app and with Alexa controls. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a solid smart thermostat at a great price.


  • Excellent price
  • Seamless integration with Alexa app and Alexa voice commands
  • Attractive design
  • Sensitive touch screen interface

I do not like

  • Does not work with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit
  • If you do not have a C cable, you need to install the C wire adapter
  • No remote temperature sensor

getting started

Because Amazon sells the C-wire adapter in a separate product package, you'll want to re-check the compatibility of your HVAC system with Amazon Smart Thermostat before you buy. Amazon also sells the separate C-wire adapter for $ 25.

My system has a C thread (learn more about C wires), so I opted for the standard $ 60 option without an adapter. The purchase includes the thermostat, as well as an optional wall plate to cover any old paint or holes from previous thermostats. You also get mounting hardware, a small screwdriver for installation and a small instruction manual. Wait for the booklet as you will need to scan the QR code on the back as part of the installation process.

Then download the Alexa app and create an account - or sign in if you already have one. Then select Instruments > Add the device > Thermostat > Amazon.

Like other smart thermostats we've tested, the Alexa app guides you through the steps to install and configure your Amazon smart thermostat. It helps you confirm your wiring, connect to the Wi-Fi network, and answer various other questions about the type of HVAC system you have. Note: Always consult an electrician if you have questions about your HVAC system.

The installation and configuration process took me about 10 minutes. Since I install a lot of smart thermostats in the same place, I already had holes that align with this model. My thermostat wiring already included a C wire, so it might take a little longer to install Amazon Smart Thermostat if you need to install the C wire adapter or drill new holes. Another time saver: you don't have to activate an Alexa ability separately for this thermostat, because it's already an Amazon brand product.


View and control your thermostat on a smart Alexa-compatible display, such as this Echo Show 8.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Tests and stuff

Once everything is installed and configured, you are ready to start using the thermostat.

This model can be based either on a specific fixed program that you create in the application, or by something called Hunches. Hunches use your phone's location to automatically update the temperature for you. You can set your preferred temperatures for Home, Away, and Sleep modes, and then, depending on your phone's location, Hunches will make adjustments if you're at home or away.

The Hunches feature constantly sets the temperature at home or away from me - and you can add additional users if you have more people living with you.

You must give Alexa permission to track your location to use Hunches.

Screenshots by Megan Wollerton / CNET

You can also control the temperature in the application, using Alexa voice commands or directly on the thermostat itself.

All three of these options worked extremely well during my testing. The thermostat touch display has simple up and down arrows to adjust the temperature. A middle button allows you to switch between heat, air conditioning, fan and other basic settings.

In the application you have even more options. There you can set a custom program, check your device's power consumption over time, along with any other compatible Alexa devices you may have - and all the basics, such as adjusting the temperature or changing the mode. to heat at AC.

Adjust the temperature in the Alexa app.

Screenshot by Megan Wollerton / CNET

You can also use Alexa voice commands to control the thermostat. I used a Echo Show 8 smart display, so I was able to ask Alexa to turn on the heat or set the heat to 68 degrees, as well as view and control the thermostat via the smart display screen itself. You can also create scenes (called "Routines" in the Alexa app) such as "Good Morning" to automatically adjust a variety of devices, including the simultaneous smart thermostat; you could turn on the lights, turn on the shadows, and set the thermostat to a certain temperature with that single voice command.

The competitor's landscape

It's a little difficult to talk about the major competitors of smart thermostats, such as Nest and Ecobee, because all their thermostats cost well over $ 100. Some even retail up to $ 250.

With Nest, especially with the iconic Nest Learning Thermostat, you really pay a premium for product design. The $ 250 learning thermostat is made of stainless steel and has a substantial, luxurious feel. The other two thermostats of Nest - Nest Thermostat E (available through distributors) and the newest Nest thermostat (not to be confused with Nest Learning Thermostat) - have a similar design, but use less expensive materials. Nest sells separate temperature sensors for $ 39 each.

Ecobee excels at functions, especially voice integration. Its $ 250 Ecobee smart thermostat with voice control even has a built-in Alexa speaker, so you don't need a smart speaker or a separate Alexa-compatible display to control it with voice commands. It's also compatible with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, but you need separate speakers for that. The purchase also includes a remote temperature sensor. The $ 180 Ecobee 3 Lite loses the built-in Alexa speaker and remote temperature sensor, but still works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

It is interesting that Amazon Smart Thermostat was designed in collaboration with Resideo. Resideo produces Honeywell Home products, including the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat, which costs $ 200 with the remote sensor included. I prefer the T9's temperature sensor over Nest and Ecobee, as it offers the most options - temperature, humidity and proximity detection.

While the Amazon Smart Thermostat and Honeywell Home T9 have different designs, the Amazon version reminds me of some of the older Honeywell Home models, especially the Lyric T5 square thermostat.

The $ 71 Wyze thermostat is the closest competitor to Amazon's Smart Thermostat. Wyze is a Seattle-based company that sells a variety of affordable home products. Some of these products outperform more expensive models, such as the Wyze bulb and Wyze Cam. In this case, Amazon Smart Thermostat has more to offer, especially in terms of hardware design, because the control dial of the Wyze thermostat was difficult to use.

Excellent value

Amazon Smart Thermostat sets a new benchmark for connected thermostats. Its simple controls, solid design and optimized Alexa integrations make it stand out, but the $ 60 price is what really sets it apart.

If you are looking for a premium design, Nest Learning Thermostat is still the best bet. If you want the widest variety of smart home integrations, Ecobee's Voice Control SmartThermostat is a great choice. Honeywell Home T9 has the smartest remote sensor (monitors temperature, humidity and proximity). But if you are looking for a complete smart thermostat at a great price, Amazon Smart Thermostat is the best option on the market today.

I don't like that the C-wire adapter is sold in a separate package. I would also like to see integrations with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. An accessory for the remote sensor would also be good. That being said, for $ 60, you really can't exceed the value of this smart thermostat awarded by Editors' Choice.

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